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Where can I buy vintage cabot cheddar in Bklyn?

Downtown Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill, Park Slope areas preferred. Our standard source is out!

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  1. Did you check Costco? Last time I was there they had Private Stock and I think 3 year aged but I don't know about Vintage

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      Looks like their website lists a number of stores that carry their products.


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        And 2 are in Brooklyn that carry vintage Costco, and Shop RIte on McDonald and I

    2. I believe Brookyn Larder is carrying this item too.

      1. Cabot 5 year black wax "Old School" is their most premium product. I'm on their e-mailing list, by choice. Usually local retailers are cheaper than their mail order, but it's an option if you don't want to shlep around. It's $32 for 2 pounds on their site. I have not sampled it.
        If you come across Grafton 5 year in your cheese hunts, buy it all! It's extraordinary!

        1. Try Biekraft on 5th Ave in Park Slope

          1. I ended up checking out Brooklyn Larder and Bierkraft (I don't have a Costco membership). Brooklyn Larder had Cabot clothbound only and one other cheddar, which was a goat cheddar. Bierkraft had 2 cheddars, as well, one of which was spicy, neither was vintage Cabot. I also hit Union Market, which did not carry the vintage Cabot either, but did have a much broader cheddar selection than the others. There were at least 10 cheddars there, including the 2 year Grafton, a nice aged Canadian and a 10 year aged. I'll have to join Costco!

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              The SeaLand/NatureLand on Flatbush between Park Place and Sterling has been carrying a nice 3-yr-old Quebec cheddar - you need to poke through the packages to find it, the label showing origin and "vintage" is not terribly obvious. The best one I've had lately (and I love "old cheese", 7-yr-old preferred).

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                Im not sure that what Costco has is Vintage - I know they have the Private Stock. Wondering why you didnt try the clothbound?

              2. Not sure about Vintage cabot cheddar, but Stinky Brooklyn located at 261 Smith Street in Carroll Gardens has a Cabot Clothbound. Some company in VT purchases the cheddar from Cabot and ages it in cloth on their own. You should give it a try.

                1. I tried the clothbound, and I even bought a bit, but it is a very different and much more dry cheddar than the vintage. I did like it. Stinky is a couple of blocks away from me and I had already tried them. I LOVE 7 year aged Quebec. I usually stick to my standard blend, which includes the Quebec 7 yr, FIscalini 18 month bandage wrapped, Vintage cabot, kerrygold dubliner (not really a cheddar, I know; they have this at Union Market, by the way) and sometimes a bit of Dorset Drum. I'm very particular about my cheeses. I do want to try to Cabot private stock, too.

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                    they sell big blocks of the dubliner at costco bty. have you tried Blue Apron?
                    they are preferable to Union Market in my opinion. Have you looked over at Fairway yet? I havent checked out their cheddars - we are particular about cheeses too, but cheddar is not a big item.

                    If you like italian cheeses Coluccio has some quite nice ones in their smallish selection, including a very good Piave on my last trip there.

                  2. I saw this at Fairway yesterday.Not in the big cheese case, but on the refrigerated wall with prepackaged cheeses.

                    1. I actually stumbled across the vintage cabot at Gourmet Fresh on Court street yesterday. Funny, because it is just a few blocks from my house. Of course now I have lots of wonderful cheddar recommendations from this thread. I haven't gotten around to trying all of the just yet...

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                        Would like to throw in a recommendation for the 5-year Quebec cheddar from Stinky. Made me forget that my turkey burger was just that - a turkey burger ;)