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Jun 14, 2009 08:12 AM

Where can I buy vintage cabot cheddar in Bklyn?

Downtown Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill, Park Slope areas preferred. Our standard source is out!

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  1. Did you check Costco? Last time I was there they had Private Stock and I think 3 year aged but I don't know about Vintage

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    1. re: Jack_

      Looks like their website lists a number of stores that carry their products.

      1. re: dark knight

        And 2 are in Brooklyn that carry vintage Costco, and Shop RIte on McDonald and I

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      1. I believe Brookyn Larder is carrying this item too.

      2. Cabot 5 year black wax "Old School" is their most premium product. I'm on their e-mailing list, by choice. Usually local retailers are cheaper than their mail order, but it's an option if you don't want to shlep around. It's $32 for 2 pounds on their site. I have not sampled it.
        If you come across Grafton 5 year in your cheese hunts, buy it all! It's extraordinary!

        1. Try Biekraft on 5th Ave in Park Slope

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