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Jun 14, 2009 07:43 AM

Where do you buy your seeds from?

My favorites:

Kitazawa Seeds (anything Japanese) from CA.

Rare Seeds -an amazing web site. Also a great community board. If you have a question, someone will answer thoughtfully and quickly.

Southern Seed Exchange - Good luck so far with their heirloom beans and best of all, they breed for the summers here in the South.


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  1. I live in Canada. here are my favourite sources.
    1. McFayden Seed Company:
    If you phone now you can get their fall catalogue. A great company.

    2. In Toronto, I buy my special vegetable seeds from "Urban Harvest Garden Alternatives".
    59 Elm Grove Avenue (Dufferin & Queen

    I usually get their special heritage & organic seeds and also plants at the Farmer's Markets at Riverdale (Tuesdays) or Dufferin Grove (Thursdays).

    I have also had good luck with McKenzie Seeds for simple veggies like raddishes.

    But I bought about 4 packages from Sheridan Nurseries and half the seeds were bad. Then I noticed the McKenzie Seeds at Canadian Tire had expiry dates on them. So I suspect the Sheridan Nursery seeds had expired.

    There are other brands of seeds available in Toronto or by mail across Canada, but I find these three companies to be the best.

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    1. re: Smachnoho

      I have had great success with Salt Spring Seeds in the past.

      I just bought a whole bunch of seeds from Urban Harvest this year and while it's too early too tell... my little seedlings are coming in nicely...

      1. re: Smachnoho

        Seed Savers Exchange:
        I love their mission, to help people appreciate and preserve heirloom seeds, and the varieties are fantastic.

        Baker Creek (aka Rare Seeds):
        These people are just amazing! Love the varieties, love the philosophy. I tried the Golden Honeymoon melon last year -- OMG!! So many great seeds.

        Nichols Nursery:
        Nichols was my introduction, years ago, to many and varied herb and vegetable seeds. Still family run by Rose Marie Nichols McGee.

        I still buy some things from Seeds of Change, although I'm dismayed at how many hybrid seeds they offer these days.

        I have an old loyalty to Park Seeds (a modern seed company, though still family run last I checked):

        I get some great Italian (Franchi Sementi) seeds from Grow Italian. If you're a chicory/endive/escarole fan, be sure to check them out!

        Finally, I'm a fan of Frank Morton, both his seeds and philosophies. Great stuff at Wild Garden Seed:

      2. Wood Prairie in Bridgewater, ME for organic seed taters and some other seeds - radish, carrot, kale, chard, broccoli, beets, lettuce mix.

        The remainder from John Scheepers kitchen garden seeds in Bantam, CT - sweet potato slips, additional beets, kale, chard, arugula, cabbage. Our first year with him, but so far so good.

        1. I call it Seeds from Italy, but the website is:

          Everything I've ever bought from them has been great and they have a topnotch selection of hard-to-find items.

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          1. re: Sherri

            Thanks. This is actually the company that I bought kale from - my local garden shop has a dsiplay of about 50 or so of their seeds. Agreed - excellent quality...

            1. re: Westy

              If you like kale, see if you can buy some of their Black Kale, aka Tuscan Kale or Cavalo Nero for autumn planting. It is different from the gray-green curly kale most of us know and quite delicious.

              I also recommend the Rounde de Nice zucchini and their tomato selection is not-to-be-topped. I've gotten melon seeds, Galia especially, that produce melons that dreams are made of.

            2. re: Sherri

              Love this seed source, too - I kwym about the name confusion - they should just pick one, already, and stick with it! Primarily, Italian & French seeds, some organic or untreated. Last year was the second year I've ordered from them, and I plan to again this year. Although this year's order will be much smaller, since I have so many leftover seeds. I really liked the Pinetree format (smaller packets, fewer seeds, smaller price).

              1. Vary rarely buy seeds anymore since I acquire just about everything I need trading with online gardeners at and other places.
                When I do I go to:
                Value Seed, Parks or Pinetree Nursery

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                1. re: vera_ewashington

                  Pinetree prices are cheap cheap cheap. I was always satisfied with them, although since they don't do organic I've moved on.