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Jun 14, 2009 07:05 AM

Buddha Dog??

Was listening to Fresh Air on the CBC this morning and Mary Ito had a piece on the Budda Dog...appparently it's an "artisan" hot dog made in Prince Edward County and available there and somewhere in Toronto. Has anyone tried one and does anyone know where they can be procured in Toronto??? They sound very interesting...

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  1. So I answered one of my own questions by Googling them...they are available in Picton and at 163 Roncesvalles in other questions remains...who has tried them??? Comments????

    1. They have a very sweet little spot on Roncesvalles (about halfway up). They're okay, but they are really just hotdogs. They have nice cheeses and chutneys/relishes to top them with and plenty of great mags to read while you're there. It's a concept really well executed, but I fear the concept isn't meaty enough (ugh) - Already I am ordering their crockpot specials (the only offerings other than dogs) almost everytime I go there.

      1. Small, tasty, poncy, hot dogs, pretty well sums it up. They have a lot of nerve with the name. Their commitment to local food is commendable - the picton store had asparagus the owner had picked that morning.

        I enjoy going, usually order a dog of the day and a couple from the spicy side. It's enjoyable, but if you think a hot dog should only be a huge drooling mess, it will irritate the hell out of you.

        1. Many interesting things about these folks. One is that you would actually eat their dogs if you knew the ingredients. They have their dogs custom butchered to include only bits of the cow that you would call meat. No 'parts', no 'nasty bits', which explains the solid texture. The condiments and cheeses are definitely unique, and the bun has a fantastix texture.

          1. Thanks for your views folks...think I'll give them a try sometime...sounds interesting...