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Jun 14, 2009 05:50 AM

Shabbos In California.

Is there any restaurants or Hotels that do Shabbos meals anywhere in California? Although we want to go to SF and LA, we will travel further if necessary. We just dont want to spend Shabbos in a hotel with take-away.


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  1. Nothing in LA that I know of. We have a lot of places for take-out, though. I know you said you don't want that, but it's all we can offer. You might want to contact a shul close to where you are staying and ask about home hospitality. Many families are thrilled to host out of town guests. Also, Chabad might be a good resource to look into. Good luck!

    1. According to the Delice website, they have a pre-paid dinner for friday night at the restaurant
      i don't know how current it is though.

      1. Anything in San Fran? I will be there for a Shabbat this summer.

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          Re: SF: See reviews for details, but I would strongly recommend going to the Tel Aviv market in the Sunset area before shabbat- it's easily reachable by public transportation-pleasant atmosphere and delicious food, can also stock up on kosher groceries. The one kosher place in downtown SF is, in my opinion, overpriced (even compared to NY) and not a great experience. I'm not aware of any place in SF that does shabbos meals as described by the OP.

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            dosn'r rabbi Langer have somthing? He is the coolest person in the world.

          2. The original comment has been removed