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Jun 14, 2009 05:48 AM

PEI - Cardigan Lobster Suppers

There is a group of us heading down to the Cavendish area next week for golf and food. While most of the group likes seafood there are a couple who don't, so we are on the lookout for places that serve both lobsters and other meats. We have often done the New Glasgow Lobster suppers which are great for the lobster, but their other meats (not surprisingly) are so-so. So we are looking for other options.

The Cardigan Lobster Supper place looks like it has a nice wide selection of non-seafood fare, plus it is close to a couple of the courses that we will be playing. Does anyone have any reviews or comments about this place.

Are there any other options in the north end of the island that would fit our needs? We tried the Fisherman's Wharf in North Rustico, a couple of years ago, and weren't really impressed.

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  1. The Dunes in Brackley, not a buffet but has a nice mix of seafood and non seafood items.
    Also Dayboat. It's not right in Cavendish but not too far. Both places have websites so you can look at what they offer.
    If you are playing Brudenell and Dundarave and travelling back to the North shore you could eat anywhere in Charlottetown on your way through... (It sounds like those are two of the courses you are playing-they are in/near Cardigan)