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Jun 14, 2009 05:36 AM

Dave's Gourmet Pizza on St. Clair West

Okay, so this place has had a few positive posts in the past on Chowhound and I live right nearby. Has anyone tried this place recently and is it worth a go? I ask because I find the place pretty intimidating from the outside -- there's kind of a sketchy crowd that hangs out on the patio all day smoking and drinking cheap bottled beer and it kind of looks like a dive. Would a female with a stroller in tow be okay to enter or what is the deal? Should I venture beyond appearances and give it a chance?

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  1. I had the best panzerotti there. Mind you, it has been a couple of years but it was worth the visit.

    1. my mom lives across the street and i have gone in with her as well with my son (not in a stroller) no worries. the pizza is very good as is the is authentic family run....ask for bread for your young one, as the food is prepared fresh so it takes a bit of time.

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        Thanks for the replies -- I will give it a try!