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Jun 14, 2009 03:59 AM

Eagle Diner & Bar, Soho, London

A decent burger, fairly good patty (good beef), not bad blue cheese (but should be melted, which it was not), very good onion marmalade (which would be unusual in the US, but I love the sweet/savoury flavour, certainly a good substitute for sauteed onions) and the usual lettuce, red onion, tomato.

Basic onion rings, generic, thick batter. Has anyone seen onion rings that are largely onion, with a very light dusting of batter anywhere, rather than the generic thick batter, little onion type?

No complaints about the solid rendition of warm brownie with vanilla ice cream.

Nothing special, but nothing bad.

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  1. Been here twice for breakfast. The first time we went my partners pancakes came to to the table burnt on one side. Came back to give them a second try and asked nicely for them not to burn the pancakes... guess what?

    Sent them back and had something else... havent been back since.