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Jun 14, 2009 02:09 AM

Japanese Spicy Curry & Pork, where is it? SEA

I'm in Port Orchard, centrally located a couple hours away from everything. Last year on our trip to Japan we went to Coco's Curry House...Since Ive been back Ive craved spicy curry gravy over pork patty and rice, do we have this anywhere from Olympia to Everett? Very similar to the Hawaiian Curries, but very spicy hot. Someone told me there is a place near Uwajimaya, but the curry isnt spicy hot is what Im told... My Son still in Japan, loves the cheese and curry plate, I wasnt brave enough to try. Please see photo attached. THANK YOU!

**Sorry it wont let me attach photos, here are some links:

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  1. The place near Uwajimaya is probably the oddly-named Fort St. George. I like it but you're right, the curry there isn't very spicy hot.

    1. HaNa on Broadway in Seattle has a really good Pork Katsu Curry. My boyfriend's mom is from Japan, and she agrees that this is one of the best places for curry in Seattle.

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      1. re: luluwaffles

        Yum, thank you lulu and terrier, lulu is that one hot??

        1. re: Shanab

          Yes, its spicy. You can ask for it to be spicier if you want.

        2. re: luluwaffles

          I can't really see Ha Na's katsu curry as being the best in Seattle. While I love Ha Na for what it is (fast food sushi as the folks on the Hill call it) it's pretty basic. I like Hiroshi's katsu ( ) and the curry at Mashiko's is pretty great ( ).

          1. re: Violet Strychnine

            I second Mashiko's curry.

            I've never had it, but what do you guys think of the curry at Fort St. George?

            1. re: adeptation

              Haven't had it yet but I've heard good things.

              1. re: adeptation

                it's been a while but the curry I had at Fort St George seemed pretty basic (out of the packet) and thin, and their katsu was rather cardboardy imo...Hiroshi's was pretty decent iirc

                1. re: barleywino

                  Yeah, I stick to the omurice & doria there, mostly.