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Jun 14, 2009 01:23 AM

KL: Chinese variety

Jaya Palaca, along Federal Highway (same row as Menara Axis)
Panfried Scallop cakes, think it's topped with chopped shrimp . This dish is off-menu, need to ask for it and they'll pan fry at your table.
Yee Mee with truffle oil
Soups are good too, usual array of shark bone, melon with seafood, etc
Fantastic yee sang during CNY
Tan tan mee was disappointing (if anyone knows where else to get tan tan mee similar to the Cathay lounge in HK, pls shout)

Refined dim sum:
Elegant Inn - Menara Hup Seng.
Cheong fun with crispy filling
baked char siew puffs
Xiao long pau
Egg tarts, warm & flaky
Egg custard bun
Signature fried rice is made with 2 diff grains but didn't think it was all that special taste-wise.

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  1. Interesting. I passed by this place (spotted the Jaya Palace restaurant signage) whilst travelling along the Federal Highway back from Klang (after a "Bak kut teh" breakfast) towards PJ yesterday.

    "Yee mee" with truffle oil sounded decadent - will need to check this place out one day.