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Jun 13, 2009 10:10 PM

$7.99 6-packs of Torpedo and Celebration Ale @ Whole Foods

Forgot to post this back when I found it a couple days ago. Whole Foods (Glendale) beer buyer Mike got ahold of some warehouse overstock of Sierra Nevada's Torpedo and Celebration Ale, both phenomenal IPAs. This is a great price.

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  1. The beer may be at a great price because it's past its prime. Check the brew date. The Celebration Ale was most likely brewed in late October/early November. Not so fresh.

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    1. re: OneJayneDoe

      I've got to think an IPA that hoppy, and a Winter Ale with a fairly high ABV, would both have VERY long shelf lives, especially in brown bottles.

      1. re: Moomin

        I think it would depend a lot as to where it's been sitting all this time.
        If it's been stored properly and kept at a consistent temperature.

        It also depends on your taste. If you are a true hop head and wanted to experience these beers at the height of their flavor profile you may be disappointed (most likely some of the hop character has diminished).

        If it's not a big deal (hop character) it should be fine.

        I'm sure if you crack one and it turns out to be a drain pour Whole Foods will let you return them.