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Jun 13, 2009 10:08 PM

Not to miss on Long Island, anything goes

Wondering what other posters consider their places that they couldn't imagine not going to anymore. Places that you really depend on for your everyday cooking staples, to special treats, to one of a kind eating places, and fancy special occasion splurge places. What are places in Long Island that are dependably good for any kind of food, to go or to stay?

Here' s a couple of mine:

-Roslyn: Chicken Kebab they are turkish
Like their spinach pie and greek salad, great dressing and always fresh. Unfortuntaly their namesake chicken kebab can be dry and not full of any real flavor, but other stuff, is reliably good. Prices are reasonable, but they have raised them in the last couple years. Casual and popular place

-Rosyln: Ravaugh, they are Persian, but not Kosher
Love their Zaresh (spelling?--rice with currants) and their chicken kebab when cooked properly is very juicy and flavorfill. They also make delcious Persian soup, and eggplant dishes and other good apps---Reasonable and casual--but don't go late, they hate that.

-New Hyde Park, (on the line of Long Island)--Iavorone Bros
Can't live without their excellent olive selection. They have other good stuff there, but their olives are standout.

-Westbury--Hale and Hearty
Love Hale and Hearty Soups and their salads are a good value--favorite soups, rhode island chowder, chicken and rice, curry chicken chowder, italian wedding soup, ...

-Rockville Center--Bigelow's Clams, when I'm around there after Jones Beach in the summer time, always go here, love the retro feel, and have not been disapointed in the clams, cole slaw, or onion rings, or quarts of chowder to go. Nice people there.

-Rosyln--Baci Gelati--love this place

For Thai, I stick to Queens (although Sripiphrai is coming to Long Island which is wonderful news), For Chinese, I stick to Queens, For Isreali, I stick to Queens,---

Go shopping a lot in Long Island, or to the beach, live in Queens, so would like to hit some other spots this summer, preferably on the inexpensive side, due to the obvious shortage of mula. Tried a couple of the ice cream places, and wasn't impressed with either the atmosphere (funky smelling run down--musty) and ice cream weird aftertaste)

Thanks everyone---

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  1. Kitchen a Bistro, St. James.

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    1. re: mcf

      Was there 3 weeks ago; it was remarkably good.

      1. re: mcf

        I have to say, for the prices it was good. Considering it got the same zagat rating as the North Fork Table in Southold, I'd rather spend the money and get the entire experience of the Table. Again, it's two different things. I did not have anything at Kitchen that I felt the need to have to go back for, and we ordered about eight plates.

        1. re: chowareyou

          I feel the same, food was nothing to rave about, and the seating arrangements were not that comfortable. I went with sister in law but would never take a guy there.

      2. Ceriellos in Williston Park - Hard to find authentic Italian groceries, dry aged steaks, great deli, amazing marinated mozzarella knots (my favorite)

        1. Hi, janie,
          We are going to Long Island for the first time this week. Staying in Greenport and touring the wineries.
          Sounds as though you are quite knowledgeable about the area. What restaurants in the Greenport/North Fork/Peconic area would you recommend? We love Italian and seafood. Thanks.

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          1. re: taxi

            two suggestions to taxi for the north fork-

            Italian - A mano in Mattituck. Great wine list (extensive bottle list and nice selections by the glass including local and imports).

            Seafood - The sushi bar at Braun Seafood. Local, fresh, delicious.

            1. re: taxi

              Would have to disagree with the recommendation for A Mano. Had a meal with 2 friends a few weeks back and we were all severely disappointed with our meals. Olive Garden probably does it better. And the service? What a joke.

              If you're looking to break the bank but have an outstanding meal, go to North Fork Table & Inn in Southold.
              If you're looking to break the bank again, but have loud but cool ambiance and fun food, go to Frisky Oyster in Greenport.
              If you're looking for seafood with an interesting twist, go to Seafood Barge in Southold.

              Check out the cheese shop on Love Lane in Mattituck. Pick up some Catapano goat cheese as a token of your mini vacation!

              1. re: stefathena

                We weren't impressed with the food at A Mano either, although I wouldn't compare it to Olive Garden. The service was impeccable however.

                Seafood Barge would be the last place I would recommend, nasty and always out of everything on the menu, I would say go to Claudios even before I'd say go there. Lots better seafood around.

                For Italian, try Touch of Venice,

                1. re: stefathena

                  I wouldn't even begin to think of comparing A Mano to Olive Garden. We had delicious gnocchi and fetuccine alla carbonara that were finely made and tasty. Appetizers of calamari and another dish with cauliflower, pignolas, and raisins were also tasty and well-prepared. Gelato provided a nice finish to the meal. A Mano is supposed to be an osteria, so it isn't intended to be a formal dining experience, but just a casual get together place for some good food. Given that's the definition of the restaurant type, I didn't expect the service to be formal. I think the service was right on par; helpful and without any major problems. A caveat is that we ate an early dinner on a fairly slow night, so that may have enabled better service than what you experienced.

                  I do agree that North Fork table is outstanding, and the service is outstanding as well.
                  The Village Cheese Shop on Love Lane is such a great place to sample a broad spectrum of cheeses, pick up a hunk of cheese & a baguette, and then carry out to a local vineyard.

                  On the South Fork, I like Suki Zuki and Yama Q for fresh seafood and a variety of other dishes in japanese preparation. Also, Dish is a nice, quiet, small restaraunt that has one menu each weekend (so the focus changes with the season).

                  1. re: stefathena

                    Tried A Mano twice and for the price, I'd definitely drive the extra six minutes and go to the Table. Although I remember the truffle pizza being my favorite thing the second time I was there. The first time I was there we tried six things and nothing was outstanding. The plus about this place is that they are one of the only places open on a Tuesday night in this area.

                    stephathena- did you know that Frisky Oyster opened a Frisky Oyster Bar across the street down by Aldo's?

                    Also steph, when you're out in Sag Harbor, go to Cavianola's Cheese shop. It's not a sit down place, but the staff and cheeses are great. It's on Rt. 114 next to the Beverage place in a tiny parking lot.

                    1. re: chowareyou

                      I have to stay out of Cavaniola's or I want to buy everything in the store!! The only place I would shop for special occasions.

                      1. re: chowareyou

                        Hmmm...Every time I have been to Amano it seems that I like it better than before...the last time I had their Prix fixe, and I was thrilled with everything...portions were good too. Service has always been excellent. However, their pizza's are their weak point. I'd avoid them. Seems that my family and I are the only ones on this board to appreciate the Seafood Barge..we always had excellent meals there and excellent service..even had our kids Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties there. I'll miss fact my son and his girlfriend are going out to our Cutchogue place this weekend, in part to go there one last time.

                    2. re: taxi

                      Also, Vine in Greenport is worth a try. If you're looking for a nice quiet meal outdoors, this is the place. Lovely little courtyard, candlelight, lots of greenery all over. There are some tasty dishes. The service is always slow, but it's ok, because I don't mind sitting there for 2+ hours. I always get the mac n' cheese, it's nothing outstanding, but it does the trick with a bottle of wine.

                      1. re: stefathena

                        I just went last week for a quick dessert fix. Since I heard such great things about this place, I figured it would be worth the money. The vanilla cupcake was terrible. I can't even believe I paid for it. The berry chocolate crepe was okay, but it was ten dollars. it's pretty hard to wrap my head around spending that money on something so mediocre.

                      2. re: taxi

                        I have one good suggestion that someone from the area reco over the Frisky Oyster -- Shrimshaw -- amazing seafood. Another good place we go when we are in the area -- Cliff's Elbow Room -- must get the marainated steak.

                      3. Link for both SriPraPhai Thai-Queens & Nassau addresses:

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                        1. re: kelvin8r

                          i'm an old time customer of srip in woodside, and yes, it will be great when there's a LI outpost, but it's not going to be open for awhile yet. To taxi, I'm actually located in Queens but shop in Long Island a bit, so I'm not familiar with any great spots in the location where you'll be, but please post about your experiences, would love to hear them if I'm out that way.

                        2. I'm not looking to hijack janie's thread at all, but can anyone comment on any places in or around Plainview on LI ? The type of cuisine doesn't matter as long as it's very good. TY.

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                          1. re: Cheese Boy

                            Brasserie Cassis is good bistro food in Plainview.

                            1. re: Cheese Boy

                              I think it's Hicksville, not Plainview, but Koreana, right next to H&Y Market on South Oyster Bay Road and Old Country Road, is very good. Also in Hicksville is Chili and Curry, on Woodbury Road, and Masala Wok, on Broadway. Both very good for Indian-Chinese.

                              1. re: phofiend

                                brassserie cassis is in Plainview. Hicksville is on the other side of South oyster bay Road.

                                1. re: linsue

                                  I made no mention at all of Cassis. I was talking about restaurants in Hicksville, which is near Plainview.

                                  1. re: phofiend

                                    I have to disagree about Brass Rail, tried it FOUR times, both lunch and dinnner, really wanted to like it, as we live in the area but honestly NONE of us and we were in groups of 4-8 really liked our meals, we all left saying it was "OK". So I really cannot as much as I would like to recommend this or support your recommedation. Locust Valley in fact is overdue for some great, new restaurants that offer a fresh take and offer innovative foods....I hope somethings coming!

                                    1. re: sushifan516

                                      Huh? I don't know anything about Brass Rail. What kind of food?

                                      Linsue mentioned Brasserie Cassis, which is okay, but I much prefer Bistro Cassis (same owners) in Huntington. HOWEVER - the last time I went there, the food was not as good as it usually is. Maybe it was an off night.

                                      1. re: phofiend

                                        No, sadly it wasn't an off night. It's been declining steadily for the past couple of years. I miss it so much. Really declined as soon as Brasserie Cassis opened.