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Jun 13, 2009 09:49 PM

It's been a year since Bigelow's clams Long Island?

Been a year since I last went to Bigelow's clams in Rockville Centre, how's the place doing? I really dug the place, and love those onion rings.

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  1. i've been there twice recently - both times they were very busy - delicious as always!

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    1. re: kennycandy

      oh thanks, great to know, now if we can just get some summer weather---and I'm headed there!! Gotta get to Marvel ice cream, too--never tried it, and it sounds great.

      1. re: janie

        FYI, I"ve tried Marvel and it's underwhelming. It's just a mass-produced premix they get from a vendor and then freeze. Nothing special at all.

        1. re: Scott_R

          Oh, I thought it was more akin to frozen custard, and freshly made. Oh well.

          1. re: janie

            After we went to Bigelow's, we hit Itgen's, which had totally avg ice cream, but AMAZING (did I say amazing?!?) hot fudge!!! Even bought some to take home...

            It's in Valley Stream, but iirc, it's all of about 2 miles from Bigelow's. GO.

            1. re: Curlz

              Went there, yes, the hot fudge was very good, but the place is so musty smelling and the ice cream didn't wow me particularly. I've never been to the ice cream place in rockville centre, the name escapes me at the moment...

              1. re: janie

                International Delight Cafe. Awesome homemade ice cream and lots of variety. They also do great Belgian waffles to order. Other desserts are mediocre, but the food is good for a quick bite. MUCH better than Itgen's, which is long past it's prime, IMHO.

                1. re: LIfoodguy

                  You'll note that I didn't say that Itgen's was good...just that it's worth the trip for that hot fudge!!! :-)

    2. After passing Bigelow's a million times and promising myself that I'd stop there sometime soon, today was the day. I had the Ipswich clam platter--perfectly fried belly clams, fresh and hot straight from the fryer. I chose french fries for my side, also right out of the fryer, and well-done like I asked for. There was a steady stream of customers, even though it was late for lunch, after 2 PM. The only problem was that the platter was $22.95, which I thought was a little pricey. But it was good enough that I'd go back.

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      1. re: Missyme

        a cheaper way out is to get a sandwich, they pile on the clams, and definitely get onion rings, they are great. Also, a quart of soup is a great deal and they fill it way to the top. Good for a quick dinner, make a salad, with the soup.