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Jun 13, 2009 07:56 PM

Frozen, Healthy, Individual Breakfasts

I am on the lookout for good ideas for both sweet and savory quick weekday breakfasts.

Ideally, I'd want them to be individually packaged and frozen so I can just throw it in the microwave or oven in the morning and have a filling breakfast without much thought or effort.

I'm thinking of simple breakfast burritos with just some eggs and spinach in a tortilla, wrapped in tinfoil so I can stick it directly in the oven.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

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  1. Make your own healthy quesadilla -- whole wheat La Tortilla Factory tortilla filled and toasted with low fat Cheddar/Jack soy cheese from TJ's (higher protein and fiber in the cheese)

    Bake a batch of bran muffins and freeze them individually, just take one out to the fridge the night before and heat in the toaster or the micro in the morning.

    Scoop a whole wheat bagel, fill with a little low-fat cheese, toast til golden and bubbly. Fill with cottage cheese and salsa. Good to go.

    Pre-portion steel cut oats, cooked, and freeze in packages to defrost overnight and heat in the morning.

    Non-fat yogurt mixed with stevia or sweetener of choice, then topped with unsweetened applesauce.

    Make pancakes or waffles, then freeze them to reheat in toasters... Can make them using All Bran or Fiber One for more fiber, add in flax seed, and different fruits/veggies such as pumpkin or apple or berries... You can also add in some protein powder, especially Jay Robb's which is healthy and will mix in flavor-wise...

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      You can also make and freeze french toast, then pop in the toaster.

    2. Find a crustless quiche recipe, add your favorite veggies, LF cheese and cook in muffin tray. Pop them out when cool and put in freezer bag and freeze. Pop 1 or 2 of them in the micro in the morning and your good to go!

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        That's what I do. Chopped broccoli, sauteed onion and cheese in the bottom of greased muffin cups, then add eggs. It's great portion control, 12 muffin tin for 12 eggs. I can now buy eggs by the dozen which is much cheaper.

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          I do the same thing. I've found that they're way better reheated if I make sure not to overbake them initially. I tend to take about 11 eggs, add a splash of milk, and whatever herbs and cheese I have around. Lately I've really liked basil and chives in them.

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            I love making small omelettes in muffin tins and then freezing, they come out great. A variety of fillings.

            Or a quiche in a pie pan and then cut in slices. Easy in expensive, use fresh veggies, some eggs and a base. Quick make one weekend and perfect breakfast for the entire week. I often do that.

            Omelettes in a baggie, bacon, onion, spinach, sundried, mushrooms, anything cheese and eggs. Shake and freeze, thaw or just put in micro. Perfect every time. When microwaving. Put in a bowl of water in the micro or stove top in a pot of water. Never bad always easy and good.

            I love a croissant topped with a honey cream cheese, fresh nuts and fresh fruit like papaya, mango, strawberries or whatever is in season. Easy and quick.

            Burittos I make a lot. Stuff with everything from black beans, scrambled eggs, cheese, onions, peppers, onions, etc. Even made some with all fresh fruit and a honey cream cheese and some fresh nuts.

            The fresh fruit obviously doesn't freeze as well but is thawed out is easy to add to the dish.

            I also make a croissant in a small glass dish sprayed with pam. I cut the croissant in half. One half on the bottom and then the egg, then topped with cheese and cook until the egg is soft, then top cheese and remove. Top with some fruit and the other half of half.

            I make small waffels and coat with maple syrup, make a poached egg just in the micro, top with a piece of bacon, ham, canadian bacon, sausage, your choice and top with the other waffel. Sort of a mini Mickey Dees breakfast. But I used wheat flour, no sugar syrup, well at least fresh and I used turkey bacon on mine and my egg, just poached. Much healthier.

            My favorite, toasted croissant half, again a poached egg with a little pesto and swiss cheese. You can also do this with just some turkey bacon and cheese. A simple biscuit topped with a sausage bisquit and scrambled eggs and cheese can be made way ahead and froze. A few years ago I was making my own sausage biscuits and then made a bunch of these biscuits and then just froze them. 10 or 12 and they just took minutes to micro.

            My mango honey bran muffins were always great. Topped with a honey cream cheese was always great.

            Thin slice apples over cinnimon toast. I saute the apples in a little cinnimon, sugar and honey and then chill. Make a big slice of raisin toast and then top with honey nut cream cheese and then the apples that are chilled. Nothing more. To slices of that make an amazing breakfast.

            Slice a papaya, scoop out and fill with vanilla yogurt, honey, nuts and dried fruits, cranberries, apricots, feel free, cherries, anything. It is a great quick 1 minutes fix. And so healthy and quick

          2. There are those egg cups cooked in muffin tins that the low-carb people often cook.

            Not frozen, necessary, but a frittata can be made ahead and put in the fridge for the week. Just take a slice out when you need it.

            My latest quick and go is from Jillian Michaels, I don't remember the exact proportions she gives but this is how I do it. Basically, a parfait of steel cut oats, low-fat yogurt and (I've been using) rhubarb sauce. I make the rhubarb sauce in big batches and store in the freezer in 2 TBSP containers.. The night before, or, even a couple of nights before, I layer 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/3 cup SCO's, 1/2 cup yogurt and stick it in the fridge in to-go tupperware. I also toss a rhubarb sauce in the fridge to thaw. The next morning, I dump the rhubarb in (sometimes I have to 'wave it for 30 seconds or so--you don't want to heat it, just defrost it), stir it all up, and it's good to go.

            You can make your own healthy pancakes, freeze them, then warm in toaster oven. AnneInMpls has a great oatmeal/yogurt pancake recipe posted here on home cooking (from two-three years back) that works well for this.


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              DQ -- this sounds good. do you use uncooked steel cut oats? (that's what I'm suspecting.) or cooked oats?

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                Yes, uncooked oats, sorry. That's an important detail! The marinating overnight in the yogurt makes them soft and chewy, but not mushy.


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                I love the idea of the oatmeal with rhubarb!

              3. my mom used to make a week's worth of waffles in the waffle iron and freeze them two to a ziploc bag. Just like eggos, I'd wake up, pop two in the toaster for two cycles, and voila, homemade waffles. Easy enough for my sleepy 16 year old brain to handle!

                I was usually in a hurry too, and would make a sandwich with either honey butter or strawberry jam in the middle of the two waffles, and eat it as I drove to high school.
                Those were the days.....

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                  For a light option, make a batch of fruit smoothies in a blender (don't forget to add protein powder or peanut butter for staying power). Keep blender jar in fridge and in the morning, give it a quick pulse and you're ready to pour and go. Too many recipes for smoothies to list here, but if I'm making them ahead of time like this I like to add a few frozen berries (blueberries are my favorite for this use) just before re-blending, to add that nice consistency. Enjoy!

                2. I sometimes make "breakfast cookies", a recipe from Ellie Krieger. I used to wrap them individually, but now I usually just put them in a gal ziplock and take them to work. Weeks when that is my breakfast I usually also take yogurt. I make them about once a month. I'm not real big on raisins so instead of getting bran cereal and raisins, I get "raisin bran". Just enough raisins. Much cheaper too! Here's the recipe: