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Jun 13, 2009 07:45 PM

ever buy Fairway pre-made sushi or sashimi?

I thought I bought some once and was reasonably pleasantly surprised. But my more recent purchases have been kind of disappointing. I know it's now the place to buy great sushi but it would be convenient to be able to pick up some now and then, just to have a little sushi snack. Anything in particular anyone could recommend?

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  1. i live near fairway and shop there everyday and wouldn't go near their sushi because of bad experiences at the fish counter. they don't handle fish well, i stopped buying fish there after several experiences w/previously frozen passed off as fresh etc. probably won't kill you, but...

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      I was under the impression that it is fairly common for 'fresh' fish to be previously frozen because many kinds of fish do not transport well. I very well may be wrong though.

      1. re: qwertyu

        you're absolutely correct, my keyboard-exercise that's not native to this region is almost impossible to get 'fresh.' it's possible to get excellent tuna, scallops, flounder and some others that have never been frozen (my local farmer's market boasts a fish purveyor who can tell you exactly when his catch came in or was harvested, and scallops 24 hrs old or so are amazing!)