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Jun 13, 2009 07:14 PM

Bagel Boss Dads eat free on fathers day

Bagel Boss of Hewlett has an ad in the PrimeTime Express that states that dads eat free on Father's day 6/21 6am-11am. I wonder what the catch is, the ad states "Stop by for details" so if anybody stops by, please fill us in!

They are offering
2 eggs any style, homefries w/cofee or
2 fluffy pancakes any style w/coffee or
2 slices challah french toast w/coffee or
oatmeal w/topping and coffee

I just love breakfast, the best meal of the day!

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  1. I saw somewhere that Bagel Boss is supplying the bagels for the US Open golf tournament in Bethpage.

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    1. re: moonlightgraham

      It was in Newsday ->

      "More than 100 local businesses cater to U.S. Open fans

      ... Bagels will be supplied by Bagel Boss of Hicksville. "We'll be making hundreds of dozens," said store general manager Scott Perskin ..."

      1. re: MartyB

        great now the masses will take over!

    2. I went there today for a late breakfast, 11:30. Place was packed. I asked them whats the deal about Sunday, they simply said, with a smile, all dads eat free from 6-11. I plan on getting there early since I assume it will be mobbed; just take a look at what goes on in shul at kiddush time :) I will probably go for the challah french toast since I had the two eggs on bagel w/homefries today.

      1. Check out page 2 of the 5 Towns Jewish Times. The ad does not say stop by for details.

        Have a happy father's day, and enjoy the breakfast!

        1. Just came back. As the ad says, breakfast was free, no catches, no gimics, no coupons, no need to bring kids in tow. There was a line but not too bad at all. Easily the nicest kosher (pas yisroel) bagel store in the 5 towns. They had a huge omlet station with an enormous selection of toppings. This store is alot more than a bagel store with a large assortment of food offerings.