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Jun 13, 2009 06:57 PM

Loaf pan: pyrex or metal?

Going through some hand-me-downs, and we can keep either the metal or pyrex loaf pans. Which are preferable?

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  1. Both glass or metal (or stoneware, or silicone, or cast iron, for that matter) can produce great results. A lot of folks seem to gravitate to a particular material -- it suits them, so they swear by it.

    What works best for you will depend a lot what you like to make, the recipes you use, and even your oven. You could do worse than mixing up a big batch of bread dough and baking loaves in the various pans, and seeing which suits you.

    Metal will typically give you a nicer crust and more oven spring, since it conducts heat readily (glass is a heat insulator), so ideal if you use the pans for yeast breads. Still would hang on to a glass bread pan or two for things like quick breads and meatloaf.

    If they are in decent shape, the pans that you plan to discard could make a nice housewarming gift -- put a bag or two of dry mix for quick bread or coffee cake in the pan (along with instructions!) -- and wrap nicely.

    1. Cast iron is fantastic for some breads and as the earlier post says it's perhaps a matter of personal preference. I have just gotten rid of all the pyrex due to an alarming number of reports of exploding. Seems to depend on how old the pyrex is and whether it predates a change in mfg process. So I'd hold on to the metal, which do in fact make a great loaf.