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Jun 13, 2009 06:36 PM

HK style Claypot rice?

Heya all,

When I was in Hong Kong last year I got a dish call 4 seasons claypot rice. Very simple dish of rice and meat baked in a claypot. Simple but wonderful. I got it with duck sausages but a variety was available. Any place serve that in Boston?

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  1. Maybe Pearl Villa on Tyler Street in Chinatown. They serve old style cantonese dishes and should have bo jai fan (is this the correct spelling?).

    1. Hong Kong Eatery sells various types of claypot rice, though I usually spot them written in Chinese on the walls, rather than listed on the menus. I don't recall ever seeing something called 4 seasons, and I certainly don't think they offer duck sausage, but they do offer "lahp mei fan" which has regular Chinese sausage and other savory meats that pair well with rice.

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        I second HKE. If they don't have it on a menu just explain it and they will make it. Last year we really wanted crab two ways (they serve it a lot in HK style restaurants in Toronto) first crab cantonese style and then they use the insides and head to make crab steamed rice. They knew exactly what my husband was talking about and made it. They made us shrimp stuffed eggplant another time and it wasn't on the menu. We usually go to the HKE in Quincy.