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Best omelette in Los Angeles

Hey everyone - I'm on the hunt for the best consensus $-$$ omelette in the Los Angeles area. I've tried (and liked) John O'Groats, Patrick's Roadhouse and the Omelette Parlor in Santa Monica. Can those be beat? Thanks all!

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  1. Hi Joe,

    My favorites for Egg-selent Omelettes seem to be the Franco-Inspired Cafes. I love the omelettes at Chez Nouz in Burbank & those from Cafe' Midi on La Brea in L.A. The addition of gourmet ingriedients like Brie, Rosemaried Potatoes, Sour Cream, Lobster, Salmon or, etc.-etc., take the Omelette experience to Nirvana for me! Happy eating!!

    1. Literati (the nicer part) on Wilshire in WLA/Brentwood...great breakfast

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        I like Literati's omelets best of any, too. I always get mine with spinach, mushrooms, and swiss cheese.

        Other omelets I like are the Socal Omelet (tomatoes, basil, and feta cheese) at Coffee Table in Eagle Rock. And I just had an excellent veggie omelet oozing with goat cheese at Mike and Anne's in South Pasadena yesterday.

      2. They are wonderful at the Original Pancake House in Redondo Beach on PCH. They bake them so they rise a few inches and are soft and fluffy and melty. My favorite in LA.

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          The omlettes at the Pancake House are OUTSTANDING!

        2. Barney Greengrass always has some great special (egg white) omelette of the day... last time I had sundried tomato, artichoke hearts, and maybe pesto?

          Nate'n'Al's - big and fluffy

          Kate Mantilini


          Bread and Porridge

          Eat Well



          Toast or Doughboys

          For clean egg white omelettes, I will be honest and say I do like Jerry's Deli. Please hold your fire.

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              Cora's Coffee Shoppe in Santa Monica makes a great omelette with fresh Mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes. Served with a delicious baked potato wedge, fresh bread and homemade preserves.

            2. On a slightly different track, the Ranchero omelet at La Fogata in Van Nuys is excellent. It's also a steal for something like $6.50 including coffee.

              1. For a diner omelette breakfast, my clear favorite is S & W on Washington in downtown Culver City. Omelettes are properly cooked and generously stuffed, and served with a choice of side (their hashbrowns are great, ordered welldone, and their pancakes are tasty and big -- I'd avoid their waffles, which ruin the timing of the other dishes, and their biscuits, which are cakey squares cut from a loaf). They no longer offer a weekday omelette happy hour discount, but the omelette combo with a couple of fillings runs about $7.95 -- cash only.

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                  I love the omelettes at Cafe du Village on Larchmont. They have a spinach and a mushroom I believe and they are both great. You can get them with greens instead of potatoes and the dressing is simply marvelous. The French staff is charming although it can take a while- the French are never in quite as much a hurry as we Americans. I hightly recommend it, especially on Sunday when you can hit the Farmer's Market there as well...

                2. Love the omelettes at Original Pancake House and Square 1 Dining. Fluffy at both places...

                  1. I have two faves---
                    Make-my-own at La Conversation with sundried tomatoes, spinach and cream cheese
                    (It comes with a baguette and homemade rasberry jam)
                    and the Greek Omelette at EAT on Magnolia in NOHO (crossstreet Lankershim) with the super awesome garlic hot sause that they have on hand. Also, get Ned's Shreds instead of potatoes, they are zucchini hashbrowns, and they are great!

                    1. Not a fancy place but, a great down home neighborhood place. Weekends are packed and one is often waiting outside for a table. Sipping the free coffee or fresh lemoned ice water helps pass the time. www.eggplantation.com
                      Omelettes 101 ways! And, if you haven't been to Jagerhaus in Anaheim yet, well, you're missing out. Try the Schwaben omelette slopped with their homemade plum jam. You'll never look around the corner again. http://www.jagerhaus.net

                      1. The only L.A. omelet that really stands out in my mind is Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Manhattan Beach. Particularly their Istanbul (Turkey, Swiss & Sour Cream) believe it or not.

                        Also, I know Emme mentioned Barney Greengrass above, and although I still haven't been there, I have seen how folks here on Chowhound seem to rave rave rave, even fetishize, their eggs. I've never been able to imagine how any eggs could be worthy of such grandiose praise. And I've never determined whether their eggs of lore are specific to scrambled, or if the magic extends to over-easy and omelets as well. Perhaps one of the converted can ring in on just what makes these mythical eggs so special? And whether the myth can survive some swiss and a fold?

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                          Also: The Griddle Cafe on Sunset, just west of Fairfax (if you can stand the pounding music and, on weekends, the long wait).