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Jun 13, 2009 05:59 PM

Best Sunday brunch in Northern/Central New Jersey???

I am looking for a great place to take my pops for Sunday Brunch on father's day. I will welcome any recommendations whether it is sit down or a brunch buffet. So far I have a few places on my list that have gotten great write-ups. The Hilton at Short Hills, Molly Pitcher Inn, Fromagerie in Rumson,, Salt Creek Grille. I am also considering Chart House possibly. Any and all recs appreciated!!

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    1. The Short Hills Hilton brunch has always been wonderful, but it's also definitely $$$. The only other suggestion I can add is Rod's at the Madison Hotel. I think that's the other extreme though...a MUCH older crowd, but less $.

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        Unfortunately both the Hilton in Short Hills and the Molly Pitcher Inn are booked. I wound up booking something local in Staten Island, however I am still looking for other options. I looked at the menus for Fromagerie and rest mc but they look rather limited for brunch. Both would be great for dinner though.

      2. KC Prime in Lawrenceville is also very good. Buffet style, with an omelette station.

        1. South City Grill has a Great Brunch. I have only been to the one on Route 17 in Rochelle Park but I am pretty sure the Jersey City and Mountain Lakes locations have a similar Bruch.

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            I have always wanted to try South City Grill for dinner. Maybe I will book them for brunch. Is their brunch a la carte or buffet? I do not see a menu on their site.