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Jun 13, 2009 05:10 PM

Scraping the barrel for local Grand Prairie eats

Next month I have to travel to GP for a friend's wedding. (I'm terrified that the rehearsal dinner is going to be at Boston Pizza, but that's beyond my control). What I am looking for is a nice locally-owned (non-chain) restaurant for brunch/lunch on a Saturday. I don't want to eat at the hotel or a Timmy's.

A quick search on both Google and Chowhounds returned next to no results for anything but the typical fare you'd normally find in a large shopping area like South Edm Common. It's a big enough city, I figure there must be a little gem somewhere in town, right? Has anyone lived/been there recently that can help me out?


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  1. I was up there about a year ago for some business. There's a good restaurant in next to the Best Western called, unimaginatively, the Italian Bistro and Bar. I believe it used to be a Sorrentino's that became privately owned, but a very similar menu (last year, anyway). Probably the best place to eat in the town. Won't blow you away, but it is a nice place. Otherwise, you're looking at crap like the Keg and Earls.

    10745 117th Avenue
    Don't know what the phone number is; sorry.

    1. My in-laws live there, so I am there somewhat reguarly, although I haven't been this year.

      Sad to say, there aren't a whole lot of options for you other then Hotels or chains. Avoid Prairie Sushi, Tokyo Ichiban is passable. And I've have some bad meals at some of the hotels.

      The restaurant at the Dunes Golf and Country Club is somewhat reasonable as well. I don't recall a brunch menu though - you could call them.

      The Italian Bistro as already suggested was pretty reasonable for me as well.

      Fortunately my mother-in-law is a good cook, and believe it or not, going to Costco is great - almost the same stuff as Calgary, but way less busy. That includes the fast food there...

      Golden Star for Chinese can be OK - just let them know you want real Chinese food, not Western.

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        Situated in a hotel, I imagine the Italian Bistro would be open for a decent brunch. Hopefully they retained some of the Sorrentino's quality.
        Thanks for the suggestions, it's nice to have some choices in a town I thought was lost.

      2. if your looking for lunch, go to jeffery's cafe, 106-10605 West Side Drive, Grande Prairie - (780) 402-8024, very good lunch fare, closed for dinner i believe, they have another location but i believe it's catering only.
        tokyo ichiban is reliable for sushi, i eat there often, jax in the podollan hotel is ok, and jakes down south by the service plus in is decent, although i haven't been there in quite some time.

        jeffery's is excellent, the others are decent. Trust me when i say people don't move here for the fine dining....

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        1. re: jdl

          Mmm now that sounds like the type of place I'm looking for. I wonder if its the same Jeffrey's cafe in west Edmonton? (
          Thanks jdl

          1. re: ScottP

            No, it doesn't look to be the same, ours is ran by a local guy. it's pretty casual, but i find it very good, and fresh. i recomend the morrocan salad, or lots of good sandwich choices, and always some different quiche choices. let me know what you think of it if you make it there.

            1. re: jdl

              Turns out Jeffrey's was a block from our hotel, so we stopped in for brunch on Saturday morning. Food was decent, but we were the only people in there and it took over 30 minutes for a few wraps and breakfast loafs to make their way to our table. I noticed a few shortcuts in my breakfast wrap, but still a lot better than most breakfast joints in the area, I imagine. Plus it was made fresh to order. I think we would have enjoyed it a lot more if we weren't hungover and in a better mood.

              If anyone's curious, we went to the Keg for the rehearsal dinner. I can't complain as it was free for the wedding party, and I'm not a steak connoisseur or anything so the meal was fine by me.