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Jun 13, 2009 04:52 PM

Mario's Pizza on Chicago Ave MPLS

I'd like to find the owner of the former Mario's Pizza that was on 5200 Chicago Ave in MPLS.

I understand there was a fire at the location around 2005. The internet provides very little information. The building is owned by a couple that live in St. Paul.

Is there another Mario's or better yet does anyone have their pizza recipe? I used to have a personal size pizza three times a week back in the 80's and I need one now, please.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Someone has been slowly and quietly restoring the interior of Mario's over the past several years. I peered in thru the front window today and it looks as it did the last time I bought a pizza there over 6 years ago, with the exception that there is no food. The ceiling fan was spinning and there is a neon sign hanging in the window ready to be turned on. It would be great to have this neighborhood gem back in business.

      1. That building has sadly been turned into a dance studio. Mario's was truly a neighborhood gem and my husband has been in Brad's South of the Border withdrawal for years!!

        1. Hello ceej2008, hey I just had a quick question to ask you about your post about Mario's Pizza. Could you please shoot me an email at I'd really appreciate it...thanks.