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Jun 13, 2009 04:52 PM

Napa: D and S Produce @ Stanly Lane open for the 2009 season

I really like this produce stand about where highways 12 and 121 meet. In the fall they have a nice pumpkin patch.

Today they had Bing and Rainer cherries for $1.99 lb. They also had some big lugs of cherries for about $7. These were perfect cherries, no doubles, The Bings were at their peak, very black and crispy. The Rainiers were quite nice too with almost no bruises.

They have a nicer variety than most farmstands in the area of this type.

The strawberries were tasty - $1.99 a basket. I also picked up some nice cukes ... 3 for $1.

They always label the area the produce comes from. In a few weeks they will have Wild Boar Farms heirloom tomatoes

After my first visit I always stopped by when I was in that area and they always had something interesting to buy. Not worth a special trip, but a very good choice in that area.

Napa: D and S Produce @ Stanly Lane Pumpkin Patch - Abate Fetel pears and Wild Boar Farms heirloom tomatoes

D&S Produce @ Stanly Lane
3100 Golden Gate Dr, Napa, CA

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  1. I'm going to head over for cherries . . . thanks, I always forget about this place!

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    1. re: vday

      Vday, if you are in the area today, you MUST stop by Hardin Gardens in Sonoma - 22656 Broadway. The lettuce is spectacular. I'll post more soon, I'm just getting caught up on posting. I thought I'd just give a heads up if you are on your way out the door.

      1. re: rworange

        Very thoughtful - thanks rw:-)
        Just hopped out of the shower - I'll head over to D and S the back way - I'm out in Brown's Valley. I'm not familiar with Hardin Gardens, so will definitely check it out. Regarding the lettuce . . . I've been munchin' my own "home grown".
        Look forward to your post.