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Jun 13, 2009 02:43 PM

wine bar in santa barbara?

after numerous searches, i am coming up emptyhanded. sb chowhounders - does a wine bar exist in santa barbara? not a tasting room, but a wine bar with evening hours, charcuterie, cheeseboards etc... there was a place called firebird 7 or 8 years back, but it's long gone now. they seem to be on every corner here in san diego (wine steals, 3rd corner, syrah, apertivo, splash, sogno di vino etc etc), but i can't find a single one in santa barbara.

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  1. There's a new place called Blush that I think is marketing themselves as a wine bar, but I haven't checked it out yet.

    1. Live Culture in Paseo Nuevo is an excellent new wine bar. I think it's exactly what you're looking for. The also have live music nightly.