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Jun 13, 2009 01:30 PM

Cut by Wolfgang Puck! Any Rec's?

I'm going there tonight with my group of food fanatics, and am wondering if any of you Hounds have recommendations on what to order. Any "don't miss this" items on the menu that you've had there? Would be good to know so that I can look for those dishes if they are on tonight's menu as well. I expect that the most difficult thing tonight will be choosing one of Sherry Yard's desserts. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Honestly, I'd say avoid the American Kobe (Wagyu), It's about 10% better flavor than the best prime dry aged beef, but it costs 50% as much. I can't vouch for the Japanese version as I didn't try it. They do such a great job, save your dough. Speaking of dough, the pretzel rolls are fan-freaking-tastic! I loved the whole grain mustard sauce and definitely the bearnaise. One thing to remember is that compared to other steakhouses, the portions are generally smaller - especially the sides, apps and salads, so ordering things to share for more than 2 people really won't work. I can't vouch for the desserts either, but my only complaint is that none seemed appetizing to me. Other than that Cut is a world class experience so Enjoy.

    1. I'd say, "try the beef". How could you go wrong?

      1. 1st course:

        steak tartare or tuna tartare

        2nd course:

        American Wagyu Ribeye
        Pan Roasted 2LB Maine Lobster


        Bruleed Banana Cream Pie