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Jun 13, 2009 01:25 PM

Urgent: Sunday lunch in center Paris with jetlaggers

Relatives arriving tomorrow and staying at a hotel nr. Louvre/Palais Royal. The group will include 1 toddler and 1 teenager so kid friendly food (frites, par exemple) would be good. But adult food choices would be good too. Given the jetlag, it shouldn't be a pricey, complicated meal that they'll be too fatigued to enjoy but given that one person is visiting France for the first time, it should be French enough to have symbolic impact. So good, simple bistro/brasserie food would be good. We could go as far afield as St. Michel/St. Germain if necessary. Thanks!

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  1. Your requirements, Sunday, middle of the 1st, kids menu , as well as a French "feel" would be met at Chez Flottes, a brasserie often recommended by Oakglen and me for a casual meal in the area just off the Pl. Concorde/Tuileries.