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Jun 13, 2009 01:19 PM

Best of

Would appreciate recs for the best restaurants in the Bal Harbour area. Have 2 nights.

We like Sea food, Steak, New American, Japanese,and French.

We enjoy good food as well as a romantic decor. We don't mind if the restaurants are expensive.

Thanks in advance.

Would appreciate recs for dinner in the Bal Harbour area.
We enjoy sea food, espcially lobster, new American, steak, French and Japenese.

We like good food as well as beautiful atmosphere. Price is not a consideration.

Thanks in advance

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  1. For good dependable Italian fare and fun people watching, Carpaccio on the ground floor of Bal Harbor Shops is it. La Goulue also gets good reviews, but I'm not a fan of their food.

    For romantic ambience I've gone to 1Bleu at the Regent Hotel, but I haven't eaten enough of the food there to pass judgement. The restaurant is on the northern tip of Bal Harbor overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, so it's kind of hard to beat that scenery, though since you are facing east you obviously won't experience the sun-set, and if you go too late you won't see anything.

    For breakfast or brunch go upstairs to Segafredo Zanetti on the second floor of the Bal Harbor Shops, they opened recently and have fun choices.

    1. I've found La Goulue inconsistent. I've had some good things there and some that diappointed. I'm not a big Carpaccio fan. 1 Bleu has Chef Mark Militello in the kitchen, who used to be one of my favorites, but I've not tried it yet.

      One of my favorites is a bit north of Bal Harbour, Timo in Sunny Isles. Bit of a Mediterranean/Italian slant to the menu, great food, classy place, but not outrageously pricy (most entrees under $30). If you want something more adventurous, on Friday's Neomi's in Sunny Isles (in the Trump Hotel) does a special dinner called "Paradigm - The Test Kitchen" which usually plays with contemporary cooking techniques and concepts. For a high class steakhouse, Bourbon Steak in Aventura may be best of breed. I just went back to Chef Allen's in Aventura for the first time in nearly a decade and was generally pretty pleased with the food. I'll do a more detailed report on Chef Allen soon.

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        Very near your hotel is Surfside (just south on Harding Ave) where you can find Pescecane for Italian seafood, La Rotisserie for simple French, a Greek Place, Cafe Ragazzi for pasta, and Flannigan's for a casual sports bar lunch (nice grilled Mahi sandwiches, very casual and inexpensive).

        To the north is NAOE, a specialty Japanese "chef's choice" dinner restaurant (he picks the menu and you do not) that books only on and serves a bento box of raw and cooked seafood and sushi. Michael Mina Bourbon Steak is a great idea in Aventura. In the Sunny Isles area at lunchtime, check out Miami Juice (an organic cafe), El Mega Chuzo (a dynamite little Colombian place next door), and Epicure Market for deli sandwiches and take out if you want to bring stuff back to the room. If you have no car, these places are not too far by taxi.


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          Can't believe I forgot NAOE.
          You can also go across the causeway to Gourmet Diner on Biscayne just north of 135th St. Good French bistro fare in an old chrome diner. Not exactly romantic atmosphere, but good food (incidentally, Flanigan's is about as far from "romantic decor" and "beautiful atmosphere" as you can get - though it's decent bar food).

      2. I recomend Specchio. in surfside for great food and freindly service