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Jun 13, 2009 12:34 PM

2 nights in Atlanta, need recommendations.

My wife, puppy, and I will be heading from Birmingham to Atlanta next weekend (6-19 to 6-21) for my birthday, and would appreciate some feedback from the ATL hounds. We are staying at Hotel Indigo (Midtown) and will be arriving a bit late on Friday evening (maybe around 900 pm but possibly a bit earlier). So Ive got 5ish meals to decide on. I have done quite a bit of reading on this site, and here is what I am thinking and looking for:

Friday - Casual Late Dinner and Drinks (I was thinking TAP but am open to suggestions for sure, great food and a nice selection of craft beers on tap are high on the list)

Saturday - Breakfast - Great Coffee and full breakfast is what I am looking for. Thinking West Egg Cafe. Any other suggestions?

Lunch - I have no idea. Somthing upscale and special would be great, but everything I have considered here is not open for lunch on Saturday (Repast, Eugene, 4th and Swift). I guess Flip Burger is what is the place holder for now. Here and Sunday is where I am looking for the most help.

Dinner - Holeman and Finch - I am pretty set here, unless someone makes a convincing argument. The menu and concept are right up my alley, and I have yet to read a negative review.

Sunday - I am not sure here either, this is the "ish" part of 5ish. Check out is around 12, so either breakfast and head out of town, or if someone knows of a pet friendly or pretty early brunch that would be great.

Thanks in advance for reading and for your feedback.

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  1. If H&F appeals to you, (as it does to me) you might want to try Abattoir on Friday night. TAP is typical bar food. Abattoir is a couple of weeks old, cool loft space, same offal concept as H&F, just larger, owned by the same people who run Bacchanalia. It may be maybe too similar to H&F, it's up to you. Flip is interesting, trendy, and I guess worth one visit. West Egg, Abattoir and Flip are within a mile of each other and close to your hotel. Have fun and let us know how it goes. Happy Birthday.

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    1. re: HairIcon

      Abattoir sound really interesting but maybe not as laid back as I am looking for for Friday. Seems a little too upscale. Here is a more direct question, would I feel comfortable wearing jeans and a collard shirt there?

      My wife will have about 8 hours total in a car that day, and since we are arriving late, I am looking for someplace where we can be comfortable, get some drinks (Chimay, Oskar Blues, Dogfish Head, Bells etc on tap), and some delicious food to nibble on.

    2. You may want to consider Java Jive for Saturday breakfast.

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      1. re: Enfielder

        Java Jive sound like a great breakfast spot! And it looks like they are open Sunday too, so they are now on the list! Thanks for the rec!

        Do you know if they have outdoor pet friendly seating? What about West Egg?

        1. re: birminghamvisitor

          I know I've seen people with pets at West Egg, but they've redesigned the lot where the outdoor tables used to be and I'm not sure if it still works the same.

      2. Original Pancake House on Cheshire Bridge Rd is a good breakfast spot - can be busy on weekends but so is everywhere else. I go on weekdays. I like their bacon and basted eggs (sunny side up basted with butter - off menu) with buckwheat pancackes (extra charge) substituted for the ones that normally come with the egg breakfast. Thick slices of bacon (I ask for crispy) and excellent coffee with what I think is real cream. Fresh squeezed orange juice. I hear the Dutch Baby is special. The omlets are huge. I go to the Stone Mountain location but the Atlanta one should be the same. See

        Not cheap but not that expensive unless you are comparing to Waffle House. I know you have OPH in B'ham, but if you haven't gone, try this one and you may have a new spot at home.
        Google the Blissful Glutton blog for a lot of reviews. I would send you a link but I am getting an error at this time. There should be two drop down menus, one for restuarants by name, one for key words.

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        1. re: JHLI

          OPH is the BOMB for sure...I have been to the one in Bham about 5 times in the last 12 months, its only about 10 min or so from my house. The only negative is just so so coffee and it is crowded...often you have to wait for a table.

        2. Baroanda and Enoteca Carbonari are right across the street from your hotel and are worth considering since you can walk.

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          1. re: rcburli

            Baraonda sounds like a great place for Friday night or Sat Lunch!

            Thanks for the suggestions hownds...keep em coming!

          2. thanks for the original post and all the responses. I'm new to Atlanta, and have some guests coming in, so this was super helpful to me as well.

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            1. re: jandek

              Holeman and Finch and Flip burger are not to be missed. They are two of my favorite in the ATL!!! You will be very sorry if you miss either of these places. H & F does not take reservations so either get their early of or be okay with waiting.

              1. re: jsa7405

                Well that helped me make my decision and I will dine at both on Saturday, I was just thinking that since I cant find anything better for lunch on Saturday that I would go to Flip...we will probably go a bit late to H&F and won't mind waiting at all.

                Thanks for the responses!