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Salted Crab/Mango Salad at Ayada in Elmhurst

Seriously, this is the best new Thai place in Elmhurst/Jackson Heights. Me and my wife try to go at least 3 times a week. The best dish in my opinion is the mango salad with salted crab. The crab is not cooked, but don't be scared- the crab is salt and citrus cured. SOO good. AND ITS BYOB!! yeay

77-08 Woodside Ave
Elmhurst Ny 11373

open 7 days a week

r,v to elmhurst ave or e,f,r,v,7 to roosevelt ave

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    1. well i have pictures but for some reason i cant load them sorry

        1. not mango, should be green papaya. and yes, I love that dish!

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            Ayada rocks seriously hard. Next to Srip, it's my fave these days.

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              Didn't love that particular dish, had it with the papaya. I much prefer the salads at Sri. However look under the fish section there are a handful of offerings, but only 1 steamed fish. Order it and thank me later, wish I could explain better: Was a whole steamed bass with a thin spicy green (garlic?) sauce on the side. I liked this one dish better than anything I've had at Sri, but overall my meals at sri have been better. I'll definitely go back tho, not fare to compare after only 1 trip. Man that fish was great. Mock Duck was good too.

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                icelandadam; apologies! my memory failed; went to ayada last night and saw that they have the salt crab served with both green papaya as well as green mango. wonder if there is any difference in the salad aside from the main ingredient, prep-wise. I just know som-tam as the green papaya version, would like to know the name of the mango version.

              2. We tried Ayada a couple of weeks ago. It was very good but, so far, we still like Sripraphai better. We got the salted/cured crab with mango salad, the sour curry with omelette, and the steamed fish (sea bass). All of these dishes were delicious at first, but curiously, I quickly got a little tired of them, which doesn't usually happen at Srip. I would have liked more mango salad with the crabs. The sour curry definitely seems "authentic" to me, because I ate some very similar curries in Thailand. (In particular, it reminded me of curries I ate in a Hmong village in Sangkhlaburi.) But, like those curries, it didn't have quite the same complexity of flavor as some other varieties, but maybe I just have more of a taste for more southern-style curries made with coconut milk. The fish was very good but some parts of it seemed a tiny bit understeamed. It was spiced nicely. The staff was very friendly.

                1. Maybe I'm not hard core enough, but the crab salad was too hard for me to eat and the spiciness factor was off the charts. The Green curry was delicious. The steamed dumplings had a rubbery quality although the dipping sauce was delicious. The service was kind and attentive (although easy to do with two tables including us).

                  1. icelandadam,

                    again, I apologize for confusing the salt crab papaya salad with the salt crab mango salad; we tried the mango version a couple nights ago and it totally rocked! different prep from the papaya version which tasted like typical som tam, the green mango version (and i assume this is the same mango salad that they serve on top of the whole fried fish) was almost too salty but very flavorful, different seasonings, different garnishes than the papaya, and much stronger and more interesting. the crabs that we got (two whole crabs chopped up) were so good; ayada kicks butt. and we rounded out the meal with our other two favorite dishesL dark beef tendon soup (we got one to go also) and the yumwoonsen (which plays host to different seafood items each time) which also rocked. love this place.

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                      we share tastes! the beef tendon soup is awesome. i usually ask for them to skewer the tendon and place it on the the side, really puts the dish in perspective and makes for an awesome photo!

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                        when we ate there, it was an insane amount of tendon for $7! but I've yet to try the light version; in the interest of culinary research, I think I need to. it was also the first time they bought out a condiment dolly thing with crushed dried pepper (hot but kinda bitter), pickled sliced peppers, and a sweet chili sauce; i enjoyed all 3 with the soup as well as with the yumwoonsen.

                        will try for tendon on the side next time as well; why not!

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                          yeah the portions are great there. the condo's ur talking about is 'puang prix.' in bangkok (my wife is from thailand), and all of thailand for that matter, 'pp' is like salt and pepper. i put the vinegar peppers on everything, try it on anything!