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Jun 13, 2009 12:26 PM

Final Thoughts--Eating Barcelona!

After scouring several posts, here is what I think might work for our upcoming visit to Barcelona.

Any comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Dinner: Cerveceria Catalana

Early Lunch: Bar Pinoxto
Dinner: Cal Pep or Paco Meralgo??

Day: Tour de Girona/Figueres
Dinner: Inopia

Dinner: Cinc Sentsis

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  1. Cerveceria Catalana is fantastic, and I bet you will want to eat there more than once. Bar Pinoxto is fun and funky--get there early (the regulars will already be drinking their vino tinto by 11 am)...

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    1. re: penthouse pup

      Thanks penthouse pup! Any must try's on the menus?

      1. re: trinyc

        The seafood and tapas are so artfully arranged at Cerveceria Catalana that choosing them may drive you crazy--don't be afraid to point. There are different stations, and I recall taking the time to inspect before ordering. The waiter we had spoke some English and was engaging...nice wine list, too.

        At Pinoxto, we had the peppers padrone and the tortilla...and maybe something else that looked good that others were eating. It's not a fancy thing--basically a counter but there's all this market energy.

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        I agree !! Cerveceria Catlana is amazing!!! the solomillo skewers are delicious as well as the mini burger (for the non traditional tapa) I was in barcelona for 10 days and ate there 3 times. you may have to jockey for position to get a stool at the bar(s) but its worth it..

        In case you want to do breakfast Tapac 24 (carles abellan's) place is great and inexpensive as well... there is another place i stumbled upon called euskal extea nex to the picasso museum you may want to check out as wel!!!

        1. re: YucaConMojo

          thanks so much!! heading there tomorrow (currently in paris) will report soon!!

      3. You list is good; just go for it.

        1. can some one tell me please, which of these places (if any) take bookings?


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            Paco Meralgo, Cinc Sentits and possibly Cerveceria Catalana.

          2. Taller de Tapas was my favorite meal in Barcelona. It's worth it if you can squeeze it in.

            Taller De Tapas
            Carrer Comtal, 28, Barcelona, CT 08002, ES