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Jun 13, 2009 12:06 PM

Cinnamon Roll par excellence, Lee, MA

Just got back from a visit to the Berkshires (day trip); needed mid-morning pickup and stopped in at a bakery in the center of Lee MA (didn't get/don't remember the name; it's on the right heading north towards T'wood.) They make what they call a "Cinnamon Rose" that must be 2-3 inches high, quite compact and absolutely delicious--quite moist inside and just the right amount of cinnamon crustiness on the outside. I'm addicted to cinnamon and would like to hear other suggestions for great pastries made with it. Thanks.

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  1. That's Cake Walk on Main Street, Lee. Lots of their pastries are delicious (try the chocolate croissant) although I don't think any others are made with cinnamon. Nice place for lunch, simple but good sandwiches and quiche as well.

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      Thanks for the info! I like Cake Walks chocolate cakes but didn't know about the cinnamon rolls! I was at the Lee mall a few weeks ago mid-morning and almost succumbed to one of the chain (Cinnabon?) ones but managed to avoid it. Now i know where to go for the real thing.

    2. Joyous, it isn't like a cinnabon roll, I don't think. I haven't had one yet, but have eyed them longingly when I've been in for lunch. They look dryer, but alluring. And as the OP said, it's called Cinnamon Rose, it looks something like a mini-mini bundt cake.

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        I checked out the website, which is nice. Have to stop there soon; am more than open to something new in the bakery world!