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Jun 13, 2009 12:01 PM

Cornetto and Bombolino at Caffe del Doge

Got an early start (well, for me) this morning, and made my way over to Palo Alto’s University Ave. to try the morning offerings at Caffe del Doge. The café is a branch of a well-regarded Venetian roaster with a stand-up coffee bar and some sidewalk tables.

The house-baked cornetti (Italian croissants) were cooling on the counter when I arrived before 8:30. But I was soon distracted by the big glass jar full of sugar-dusted bombolini. The counter girl said that the bombolini were filled with chocolate or vanilla custard and were just delivered by an outside bakery. They’re $3 each and only available on Saturdays. Unable to choose between them, both a chocolate bombolino plus a cornetto alla marmellata, $2.50, ended up on my plate.

Worth a try, but not so thrilled with the bombolino. Mostly custard with just enough fried dough around it to hold together, also somewhat small for the price. On the other hand, I loved the cornetto. They’re imported frozen, then proofed and baked here. A bit drier and not a butter bomb like a French croissant, however, more flavorful with many tender layers under the crunchy crust. The strawberry preserves were just the right amount, and I’m looking forward to polishing off the rest of this later today.

The cappuccino was dreamy with a dense, thick foam, and I didn’t need that nubbin of sugar. The coffee was very rich with chocolatey undertones, and I’d be willing to try an espresso here.

Prima colazione

Caffe del Doge
419 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301

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  1. Thanks for the report Melanie. del Doge has been my favorite authentic Italian cafe around the area. However, I didn't know they had cornettos on Saturdays - I miss them from my time spent in Italia. I might just have enough reason to wake up early on Saturdays now . . .

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      This was my first time there. I've wanted to try del Doge for quite a while, mostly because i've heard about the thick Venetian style of hot chocolate that Windy describes. You know, I assumed that cornetti were available every day, but didn't bother to ask since the staff made such a point about the bombolini. Any of the snacks there that you recommend? I was really tempted to order a glass of wine.

      Have you tried Tootsie's yet? It's also a casual cafe-bar, a little piece of Bologna in Palo Alto.

      Tootsie's at the Stanford Barn

    2. My two favorite things at Caffe del Doge are the thick custardy hot chocolate and the green olives in bright olive oil (which they sell). The coffee can be very good.