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Jun 13, 2009 11:56 AM

Baltimore Peach Cake Around Howard County?

Just heard about Peach Cake. I hear that Fenwicks makes a handsome one but it is 30 miles away from me! I live in Ellicott City. It is the part of Ellicott City that borders Columbia.
I wanted to try this cake. My brother is having a birthday party and I thought it might be nice to bring one. That way I'm killing two birds. :)

Does anyone know of a bakery not too far from me that sells an awesome Pach Cake? Also is peach cake in season yet?


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  1. You should check Touche Touchet in Columbia.. They have interesting desserts; might even make you something to order.

    1. Goldman's Bakery in Pikesville makes a delicious fresh Baltimore peach cake that we have enjoyed for many years and it's about half as far as Fenwick from us (we live in Ellicott City also). I've never sought one out here in the suburbs because I'm willing to drive the 20 minutes to get to Goldman's. Excellent quality and everything you could want from a neighborhood bakery. Still a little early in the summer though, I'm thinking, but call them.

      1. Your post is old but I wanted to reply as I saw the cake for sale this past weekend. Wegmans in Columbia is selling it. They aren't calling it Baltimore Peach Cake but I've made it enough times to know it when I see it. They only had it sold as entire cake, however, and I just wanted a slice so I didn't try it but it looked amazing!