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Jun 13, 2009 11:50 AM

Kolache's - East Bay?

Is there any place in the East Bay to get kolache's? I moved here from Houston where there were many stores that sold just kolace's - savory and sweet. I have some visitors visiting from N. Texas and they reported there was a kolache store in their area. Just wondering if there is any place locally to get them. I actually saw an sign for some at a gas station in Benecia but didn't expect they would come close to the stores in Houston. Prior to living in Houston and throughout the US I had never even heard of them.

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  1. Here is a link or 2 about kolache at Crixa Cakes.
    I also went to Crixa Cakes in Berkeley and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! I LOVE eastern/central european pastries and this satisfied every single craving. I got the plum and custard kolach and Fatima's Thigh.

    Crixa Cakes
    2748 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703

    1. i believe European Deli in san ramon has them. 2211 san ramon valley suite F. phone 925 820 2053. they are open on sundays. from 680, exit west on crow canyon, right on san ramon valley. go past in-n-out, through the light, then shopping center will be on your left. there is also an indian grocer, arabic grocer, and a lovely bakery, city of d'lights [sp?]. the european deli is at the opposite end of the shopping center from the indian store. it is next to a chinese restaurant called '3 brothers' or something similar. i can recommend the dark brown bread 'kommisbrot' in european deli. very hearty, and not the least bit sweet. i find the little pastries hit or miss. the pound cake from cinderella in sf was quite tasty, but old and dried out on the ends. probably would have been great if it was fresh. they have a number of refrigerated cases of products, and i do believe i saw kolaches there.

      1. please ignore my post above, i was wrong. i drove up there this afternoon to pick up some bread, and they did not have the pastries you seek. the store is worth a visit if you are in the area, as they do have many interesting items not commonly available nearby. i hope you called before you drove there. i am sorry but i thought i saw them.

        1. Wikipedia has a nice entry on kolaches and where they can be found generally (high concentration of Czech immigrants).

          Interesting- Texas, OK, NE and MN.

          1. Crixa is my favorite bakery in the area for pastries. I don't know from kolachy, but everything I've had there has been first-rate.