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Jun 13, 2009 11:47 AM

Veal Parmesean in NOVA?

I've not had luck finding my go-to Italian restaurant in NOVA. Not looking for gourmet, just a typical lasanga-alfredo-veal parm type menu.

Any recommendations? Tried Vespucci and wasn't too impressed.


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  1. I get my fix from Cafe Monti in Alexandria.


    However, they seemed to be closed during the times I need them the most.

    1. i like listrani's. also check out sette bello. there is a place near my house called il raddichio that i've heard good things about as well.

      1. This is just a guess, but I would look to any of the several "Pines Of ..." restaurants, all acceptable red-sauce Italian places.

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          wayne, i was thinking the same thing.

          i don't think sette bello mentioned above fits the need. but, they do have a couple of veal dishes. i see they've put the veal shanks on the regular menu. quite good!! http://www.settebellorestaurant.com/

          ah, i see tutto bene listed below. that is a good fit.

          pie-tanza has good pastas, though not veal parm (but chicken parm). big portions. good value for money, fresh sauces. http://pie-tanza.com/menu_entrees.html

          there is that "italian inn" place at seven corners, too.

          try argia's for some of your pasta fix: http://www.argias.com/menu.html

          and, how could i forget "mom's pizza" place at glebe and columbia pike. they have veal parm. i think they are nice folks too. http://www.momspizzaarlington.com/men...

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            yeah MOMS! hahahah. love that place. the food's not amazing but they are so freakin nice.

        2. There is a place in Fairfax on Lee Hwy just after the intersection with Chain Bridge Road that does this kind of thing well, but I forget the name. Maybe someone knows what I am talking about.

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            I think it's Dolce Vita. Is that the one?

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              Yes that's it. I have never had their veal parmesan but seems like the type of place that would make that really well.

          2. Tutto Bene in Ballston. "Red sauce" italian with a good veal parm.

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              I second Tutto Bene. It's far superior to any of the "Pines of . . ." restaurants.