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Jun 13, 2009 11:47 AM

Schneiders Angus Hot Dogs

Has anyone tried these? Besides the fillers and salt....can you really tell the difference?

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  1. I tried them and they were like a bland beef hot dog. Nothing special, but I was not expecting much.
    There is no reason to expect a better dog from Angus than from Holstein, Hereford or Charolais.
    The meat used is byproduct, and any type of old or aging cow can be used.The parts used include, cheek, snout, tongue, gristley chunks from the shoulder, etc.'; all have lots of fat and collagen. They are made into a slurry, and cured with salt and spices for a brief period
    Then they are formed into hot dogs and lightly smoked until cooked.
    The only advantage to using Angus parts is the name, and the fact that Angus parts are in surplus now as we desire more Angus steaks and roasts.

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    1. re: jayt90

      I was sort of hoping that, with their 30%+ fat content, about the highest around, they might also have taken a flier on some spices. I'd have expected that the high fat content would be scarier to potential buyers than some possible flavour intensity.

      That said, I lacked sufficient courage to try them myself.

      1. re: embee

        I tried one tonight, grilled , tasted against PC all beef.
        There is a large price difference: PC is $4/lb, same price as Kwinter's.
        Schneider's Angus is $4.69 for 12 oz.

        Both are good (let's leave Kwinter's out of this tasting.)
        I grilled over charcoal. The Schneider all beef was firm and delivered a good hot dog taste. Nothing excessive in the spicing. Conservative, and easy to serve to guests. Although skinless, there was a snap because of the dense packing.

        The PC dog was slightly juicier, tho' it was rated at 26% fat vs.31% for Schneider's.
        The PC dog was about equal in flavor, good enough to serve to guests.

        Either one would be good for a casual BBQ. The only dog that tastes better is Deli-Cart All Beef, but it is excessively fatty. and has to be scored before grilling.
        I haven't tried Baldwin St. yet.

      2. Thanks for all the replies...I think I'll pass...I think the slurry has turned me off :)

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        1. re: vaiguy777

          Every frankfurter is an emulsified slurry, precooked before packaging. Same for bologna and every other sausage with a similar texture. Same for brands of this stuff that use only premium muscle meat cuts.

          Soups and sauces thickened with a flour or other starch contain a slurry. Same for many cake batters and similar mixtures.

          I can think of many reasons to pass up a frankfurter, but you're giving "slurry" (a thin mixture of a liquid, especially water, and any of several finely divided substances) an unfair bad rap :-)

          (Hope your tummy is okay.)

          1. re: vaiguy777

            The beef slurry in Schneider's Angus seems to be based on beef as much as by products. That is why it has density and snap, and costs more than Kwinter's or PC All Beef. Better ingredients,. Same spicing.`
            The slurry I referred to is much like a mayonnaise. Protein, water, fat, salt, and spicing spun into an emulsion. Like Mayo, it can break. I think this is the problem with overly fatty dogs, like Deli-Cart All Beef. They have pushed the emulsion too far.
            But the slurry is not remotely like a flour or starch slurry. The sausage makers resort to starch additions as a last resort, or a cost measure.

            1. re: jayt90

              Can Wagyu/Kobe dogs be far behind? I still love Brandt trad weiners and Bockwurst--porky goodness at its best.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                EDO has a North American wagyu dog (misrepresented as being a Kobe dog). I've had it a few times and it has randomly been way overcooked or okay. Not really that special, and not really worth the extra cost.

                  1. re: jayt90

                    It's a restaurant. They also sell them at the ACC.

          2. I like pork dogs, and it is easy to find good ones (usually labelled sausage), But there is something special about a beef hotdog, as it bursts a spicy beef flavor on your tongue..
            So far Schneiders is one of the better ones. I'd like to hear about more tastings.