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Dress code at The Corson Building?

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Can anyone tell me what the typical dress is for The Corson Building. Zagat says "casual," but I know I read somewhere that most men are in jackets. Thanks!

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  1. Casual. No jackets.

    1. I've only been once, but most women were in skirts, and men in Dockers type pants. One or two people wore jeans. No jackets definitely.

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        It's still in Seattle, so no rules apply. Even if everyone was dressed in tails, there would still be someone in jeans and a stones t-shirt.

        That said, the environment is rustic, so "smart casual" would be appropriate. In winter my husband wore a jacket, and was only one of a few and in summer he had a dress shirt on and that was what probably half of the men had on.

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          That is exactly what I experienced as well.

        2. There is no dress code anywhere in Seattle.

          I've seen people in torn jeans at Canlis. So anything goes.

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            And thank god for that!

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              or not...

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