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Jun 13, 2009 10:30 AM

Bagels in Tarpon Springs

Does anyone know of a good source for bagels in Tarpon Spring or on the North side of Tampa.

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  1. Clearwater Bagels 1 block west of Clearwater High School on Gulf to Bary

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        I'm from California and just went into Clearwater Bagels last week. The two men working there, the owners?, were EXTREMELY rude. I noticed them being jerks to the two people in front of us, so I made an effort to be extra friendly with thank-yous and have a nice day. NO RESPONSE. It was as if they were put out by having to sell their bagels to us. And, their selection was sparse. We made our made across the street to Einstein Bagels. I'm sure it's a chain, but they were kind, they had a huge selection and the bagels are delicious.

    1. For North Tampa, try Bagels Plus on Fletcher near Bruce B Downs.

      1. Bagel Outlet and Deli in Palm NY bagels in the area.......

        Bagel Outlet & Delicatessen
        33148 US Highway 19 N, Palm Harbor, FL

        1. Another alternative is to see if anyone in your area carries "Ray's NY Bagels". I find them in the frozen food section of Publix. While not the best bagel I've ever tasted, I had a lot worse during my years in the NYC area.