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Jun 13, 2009 10:11 AM

phx - crooked sky farms last day at the dt farmers market

hi there,

just a quick report. at first i was sad when i heard that crooked sky farms wasn't going to be at the market again after today, and then the farmer told me why.

turns out they have 18 acres near southern and 40th street. their farm wraps around a walmart that is there. and starting next week, they'll have a farm stand that is open and they'll sell fresh picked items directly off of the farm.

he said the prices would be cheaper than the market, too.

i was excited to hear a farm stand is opening up again in an area where the farms have been decimated, but sad to hear they were leaving.

i'm sad to see them go, but i truly wish them well.

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  1. Do you know if they will be open daily? This is much closer to where I live, so I would love to be able to venture over there.

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    1. re: Jen76

      I couldn't find the answer to this specific question on their website, but, it looks like they update it often.

    2. Do you mean at the corner of Southern & 40th street near the Walgreens? There is a farm there and a stand but we've never seen anyone sell anything there. More info would be great as this is down the street from us!

      1. Is another farm going to be supplying veggies at the DT? I really only go to buy veggies

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          One Windmill, Maya's, and Seacat are all mainstays of the DPPM.

          There are also a couple of new-to-the-market produce vendors (Desert Roots and some folks from up near Camp Verde) who had good selections this past winter and spring.

          1. re: hohokam

            the refugee farmers were there, and will be there regularly :)

            . i bought some ultra tasty cantalope like melons there. yuuummmy!!!

            1. re: winedubar

              Are they to two gals(hate that word!) on the corner of the middle row? They have great stuff, especially their root veggies.

              Can't remember the Camp Verde farm name, but they sell beef as well. It's just not advertised well.

              For a while I was going to just buy those incredible white marsh grapefruit from the Arcadia Farms people. But they're gone for the summer.

              1. re: mamamia

                they used to be there, last time they were right by the meat shop, home to the best pork ever ;)

                i love the arcadia farm ladies..some most excellent citrus!!! and the mother/daughter farmers right next to them are excellent too :)

                i miss orme ranch, i thought they had the best beef but they haven't been back in months :(

            2. re: hohokam

              I think I was getting crroked sky farms confused with windmill.... windmill is the largest one right? what did crooked sell? and where inside the market

              1. re: drewb123

                Yes. One Windmill is the largest vendor, located on the southeast corner of the market.

                Crooked Sky always(?) set up on the northwest corner of the market (along Central Ave, next to the dirt & gravel parking lot) with 3 tables carrying 1 big bin of each of 10 or 12 produce items. I never really thought of them as being known for anything in particular. For a while they were about the only vendor selling okra in big quantities, and they usually had a good selection of watermelons in the summer. What always struck me was that their selections generally mirrored what we had growing at home or what we would likely be growing if we had the space.

          2. I can also recommend joining one of their Community Supported Agriculture groups. I've been a member for about a year (pickup at Broadway and Mill in Tempe) and there is always good stuff waiting for me when I go in to pick up my fruits and vegetables. Yes, you have to learn to cook some stuff with which you're unfamiliar, and sometimes it works better than others, but it's always good to get fresh stuff. I don't need that much produce because I live alone, so I split it with another person and we alternate weeks picking up the items. Lately, we've gotten corn, tomatoes, potatoes, citrus, onions, squash, etc. We even got tomato plants a couple of months ago.

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            1. re: Inertia

              A great local CSA is Boxed Greens....I think we are going to start delivery as our schedules are just so would be nice to wake up to some fresh fruits and veggies

              1. re: ciaogal

                small clarification. boxed greens isn't really a csa tho - its more of a produce delivery service.

            2. Hi Winedubar and Chow readers,

              It's Jen from Crooked Sky and I just wanted to reply to your post. We will still be at the Downtown Market, we just won't have Eloy there to sell the produce. For July and possibly later our CSA Coordianor Nina will be there with her husband Peter. We are in transition with market vendors at the, don't forget about us, go see us!!

              Also, the the farm stand at 40th St and Southern won't realistically be open until later in the Fall. It is currently not open and please don't stop by hoping we'll be there because we probably wont.

              Check out website for more details. I've just set us up to have a blog, facebook and twitter accounts. That is where you'll have the most reliable information!

              Thanks so much for your support of our farm, we really appreciate it!

              Crooked Sky Farms