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Jun 13, 2009 09:03 AM

Tula Restaurant and Lounge, anyone?

Has anyone been to Tula in New Brunswick? It looks upscale for the area (Easton Ave) but does have an interesting menu and a very chic feel inside. Reviews on other sites have been very positive, but I would like to hear an opinion from a 'Hound before I try it out.

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  1. Never been, put it on the list to check out.
    No worries good or bad, Thomas Sweets is right there!


      Random Side Note: Driving home today passed by.
      Such a glorious afternoon, nice touch, the front of the restaurant was all open air.

      1. I had dinner there a few weeks ago and would return.

        We had an appetizer of brushetta 3 ways and it was very tasty, although a bit on the small side because there was only one serving of each. We also had the ceviche, which seemed very Thai, due to the coconut.

        For entrees, we had the crab cake sandwich, which was about average and the grilled colossal shrimp, which I thought was outstanding. The shrimp is served with potatoes, corn hash and chorizo and the flavors all just blended together perfectly.

        I also really enjoyed the Dragon Kiss drink - strawberry and basil go together perfectly. The Greenhouse was also pretty good if you're open to things like celery and cucumbers in your drinks.

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          we finally made it to tula last week and we were a little disappointed in the food. while the cocktails were all excellent, the food was lackluster at best. my 'moules fries' did not even come with enough broth to dip the fries! the standout parts of the meal were the fresh cut fries and the aioli, which were very good. also, the chocolate tortilla dessert was OK.

        2. We just ate there with 6 people in our party. The food was outstanding! We all had a great time. Definitely try it!

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            I've been there twice, once for cocktails and a quick appetizer and another night for a bachelorette cocktail/dinner. The wine list was good, with lots of choices and a wide mix of prices. The first night I we shared the tuna sliders which I would not recommend...they were dry and had way too large of a bun. The calamari was fantastic though.
            For the bachelorette gathering we had a wide variety of cocktails, many of the specials and they were all great. We pretty much ordered one of everything on the appetizer menu plus the risotto and the tagliatelle from the dinner menu. Everything was fantastic, the tagliatelle with mushrooms was amazing. Service was good, we did not feel rushed. Definately going back again.