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Jun 13, 2009 08:57 AM

Would You Freeze Stuffed Peppers?

Just curious if freezing stuffed peppers would ruin them.

I made vegetarian style ones last night, (Giarda's recipe) orzo with zucchini/tomatoes/mint and pecorino romano. I only made 1/2 the recipe (4 of them) and still have quite a lot of the stuffing left, so I was going to stuff up a few more peppers today and cook them up, but it's only 2 of us here in the house and well, eating that many stuffed peppers for the next few days just isn't very appealing.

I'm thinking they aren't going to freeze all that well but, meh, who knows. I could be wrong.

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  1. I think I'm going to give you the answer that you already know. It will be alright. But just alright. I won't taste exactly the same as when you had them fresh. I've done it before out of necessity and not wanting to throw out good food just as you (mine have been with rice though, not orzo). Just as important as how you freeze them, as air-tight as possible, is how you re-heat them in my opinion. What I do is de-frost them entirely in the fridge if you have time and then as high a heat without burning them to re-heat usually does the trick and soaks up any water or liquid that you don't want. Also covered is usually best to start and then a quick zap under broiler for last minute.

    1. My experience with freezing fresh zucchini and peppers, in any type of recipe cooked or uncooked....when defrosted, they both become very soft, mushy and watery.

      1. Sorry, re-reading your post I think I wrongly assumed that these were already *cooked* peppers, which is how I was describing I've frozen and de-frosted before with ok results. I have not done these in the raw state however, so not sure how those would turn out.

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          No you read it correctly. They are already cooked. I'm going to use up the extra stuffing today, and cook up the balance.

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            A little softer, but I have froze them and they are not bad. They don't bother me. I would of froze the stuffing and then used fresh peppers or just stuffed them all fresh and then froze and cooked them together. But honestly, a little tomato sauce which I love and just fine for me. Fresh of course is great but I think you may still like them just fine.

            Just a small hint. Cut the peppers in half. You can buy less peppers, makes less and storing is easier. I just filled mine and microwaved 3-4 minutes cooled and then froze. Almost like a blanching but it seems to work. Then cook regular in the oven with sauce. Unconventional I know. A chef who is a friend does it at home and it does work. They still are mushier than fresh, but overall. Not bad at all.

            Also the stuffing mix with some additional cheese is great in a hollowed out onion or tomato or hollowed out 1/2 cut zuchinni. Just cut and fill. Add some cheese on how and perfect.

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              Ah ha! I think I won't bother stuffing any new peppers, and just freeze the leftover filling. That seems to make the most sense here, since it's the peppers themselves which will tend to suffer the most in freezing. Thanks for mentioning that possibility.

        2. My Mom used to make extras just to freeze. Sure they were a little mushy when taken out of the freezer in January, but they stilled tasted great. Mom made them with all homegrown veges,tomato,peppers,onion,maybe some carrot, and store bought rice and hamburger. So it was a great way to have a great "summer" meal in winter. Take them out of the freezer in the morning and they will be defrosted by dinner time. Yummm!!!

          1. A client recently bought prepared frozen stuffed peppers last time I took her grocery shopping. She likes them but lives on commercially prepared foods.