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Jun 13, 2009 07:41 AM

Kutztown, PA

I have a college visit at Kutztown University in a few weeks, and would like to know what good restraunts are in the area. I'm open to all food categories, mostly interested in dinner places.
Willing to travel up to 30-40 minutes outside the Kutztown area.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Kutztown Tavern is a brewppub for sandwiches and wings (get the pretzels as an app)
    for a nice meal outside the town itself but within 20 minutes of Kutztown
    Savory Grille in Seisholtzville
    Glasbern Inn in Fogelsville
    Blue Orchid Inn in Mertztown

    1. Per Google, 26 minutes puts you at Bolete near Bethlehem. I haven't had a chance to go yet, but reviews thus far are exceptional. Emmaus is said to have several good choices, and it's about 20 minutes. Going the other way, you could stop in at Deitrick's Meats. It's at exit 40 on I-78.

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        I have been to Bolete several times and it is exceptional. Google can say 26mins but It would be close to a 40 minute drive. The Farmhouse in Emmaus is also excellent. There are many other great places in the Lehigh Valley in all 3 of the cities.

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          I will be in Bethlehem area for a week for the Women's US Open. You said there are many great places in Lehigh Valley. Can you give me some names?

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            Bolete tops the list, but there are a number of places on the North side. Apollo Grill is good. Johnny's for bagels; Blue for a steakhouse (though some will say overpriced). The US Open is between Bethlehem, Allentown & Coopersburg, so you can go south, too, though there isn't as much. There have been a lot of discussions re: Bethlehem & some for Allentown if you don't mind searching. If you're looking for something in particular, you can probably find it in the Lehigh Valley. It covers a lot of space and has a lot of ethnic niches with pretty good food.

            1. re: awaxdirect

              Sorry I was out of town for a week.
              Bolete -
              Apollo Grill
              Melt, Pacifico, Shula's and White Orchid are all in Center Valley not far from the Country Club
              Manor House
              It would be in almost that order in the Bethlehem Area
              BrewWorks or Starters for pub food

        2. There are lots of great places in K-town itself, although none of them is upscale - the Tavern is definitely as fancy as it gets
          1 - La Cucina Mexicana - Delicious Mexican food; well-spiced. Great burritos and chilis rellenos
          2 - TK's Sushi - Surprisingly good sushi place - fresh-tasting, and the chef/owner, Tammy (a woman) is very friendly
          3 - Betty's - Great lunch place, with homemade soups, salsas, and salad dressings. Good wraps and salads
          4 - Spud's - Not haute cuisine, but great french fries with all kinds of toppings, and a respectable cheesesteak

          Even the bagel place is pretty good, although Take 2 Bagels in West Reading is superior. The espresso place up near the school has a weird vibe, but makes a good tuna salad. The K-town airport diner also makes a very good chocolate shake.