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Jun 13, 2009 07:24 AM

What to do with fresh Swiss Chard and black kale?

Hi -

I grew 2 new veggies in my garden this summer. I know the classic use for black kale is in soup, but wondering if anyone has a good, more summer-ish use for it.


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  1. Is it nero (Italian/dinosaur) kale? that's my favorite kind. Saute w/ garlic and perhaps some onion w/ olive oil, add salt and some chicken stock or water and braise a bit.

    Same w/ chard, but chard cooks quicker and no braise needed.

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    1. re: NYchowcook

      Yep - it is a Tuscan black kale - looks great and is absolutely thriving. I just never thought of using it for anything other than soup.

    2. I saw a recipe for spelt rissotto with chard and kale plus goats cheese and parmesan. It was on a UK website. You could use regular risotto rice I guess. Also, look on the 101 cookbooks website. There are a lot of recipes for kale and chard on there.

      1. Cavolo nero can be treated like as any loose leaf cabbage recipe. Quick frying would work for me.

        Swiss chard is such a rarity - I never see it in the shops but it used to come every so often in my weekly organic veg bag, when we had a local delivery. Separate the leaf from the stem. Chop the stem into chunks about 75mm long and braise for a couple of minutes or so in oil or butter and wine (until almost tender). Then throw in the leaves and put the pan lid on. It'll take about another minute for the leaves to wilt.

        Either are great as a topping for bruschetta mixed with a little ham.

        1. I've always liked this recipe for black kale and cannelini bean bruschetta from NY Mag (quite some time ago).

          As for chard, a quick saute with garlic and red pepper flakes and a squirt of lemon is great. I mix it into couscous or with sauteed mushrooms and pine nuts and served on toast. It is very versatile. I find the red/pink chard a bit more soft/delicate than the green chard.

          1. Both kale (any type) and chard are delicious cooked with smoked paprika. I make "beans and greens" as a main course, side dish or to go over pasta. If using combo, add chard when kale is almost wilted:

            Saute a large sliced onion and some chopped garlic in several tbsps olive oil. Stir in a tsp or 2 of smoked Spanish paprika (can use sweet or hot - I prefer hot - or add some cayenne to sweet) - cook another minute or so. Add a bunch of coarsely chopped kale (or chard or combo), salt to taste, cook until softened. Add a can of white beans,undrained, or equivalent amount of cooked beans with some cooking liquid - cook partially covered until kale is consistency you like. Add water or broth (or some pasta cooking water if using over pasta) to keep it somewhat "saucy".