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Jun 13, 2009 07:12 AM

ISO downtown E'ton patio/resto

I am trying to think of a decent patio downtown, moderate to inexpensive food. Quality not as important, just a place to enjoy a bite and a drink. I know there are quite a few around 124th st. Looking for something a little more central. Reservable would be a huge bonus.

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  1. Cafe select has a patio and is reservable. It is on 106 st just south of Jasper ave. 780 428 1629. You can also reserve online.

    Boston Pizza on 106 st also has a patio and food, but I don't know if they take reservations.

    Sherlock Holmes' on Rice Howard way has a large patio, but it fills up early in my experience.

    1. Suede on Jasper is great for drinks and tapas, and has a cute little patio out front (sort of in the parking lot, but with trellis and hanging baskets, they try to make it nice.)
      Earls (I know, I know) on Jasper (the old Tin Palace) has a fabulous patio - complete with cabana-style tables with little tents around them. Really, it's a beautiful patio with flowers, and heaters if it gets cool.
      The Courtyard Marriott next to the Hotel MacDonald has a great patio, though I don't know anything about the food.

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        thanks all, we ended up at Scilian Pasta Kitchen. Worked great for what we wanted. the Prosecco made the night complete :)