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Jun 13, 2009 07:07 AM

Fresh Yeast in San Diego

This is actually a request from my mother, who's looking for fresh yeast (not dried). Apparently, she remembers eating it as a child, spreading it on graham crackers!

She's looked at Henry's, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Bristol Farms. The latter apparently does carry it, but only in the fall months.

Looking it up online, it appears Fleischmann's is one producer.

Any help is appreciated. Anyplace in San Diego county is doable for her.

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  1. Only in Oct/Nov/Dec. Either because of shipping or because people bake more for the holidays.

    I have found it at Vons. Small cubes in a box on a top shelf near butter/butter-like products. It is Fleishmanns.

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    1. re: Cathy

      Thanks. I passed this along and she went to two Vons, no luck. Do you have a particular store where she might find it? I know she went to the La Mesa store, not sure about the other one.

      1. re: edub23

        Not in Santee. Just looked. That is where I get it.

        I think really it is only in the Autumn.

    2. I'd try Bread & Cie, they may sell you some. That's like eating vegamite, an acquired taste.

      1. Jonathan's in La Jolla has often fresh yeast throughout the year. Just give them a call

        1. She could try culturing her own wild yeast. I'm not sure how the quality is here in San Diego but it's certainly an option.

          Would brewer's yeast from one of the many breweries (or the Home Brew Mart at Ballast Point) provide the type of yeast she's looking for?

          1. I've pointed her toward this board for all of your suggestions -- thanks! I'll let you know if she finds something.