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Jun 13, 2009 06:50 AM

What up with this Canada Dry stuff? [moved from Austin board]

I am curious about what you folks on this site have to say about Canada Dry versus Schwepps for your gin n' tonics, club soda, etc. The reason I bring this up is that I discovered that , of all places, Central Market does not carry Schwepps Tonic Water, but only Canada Dry. Now, imo, the Schwepps products are far superior to the CD stuff. I think this is particualrly interesting since CM makes a big deal out of quality foodstuff, e.g. Friends don't let friends eat junk, or something to that effect. Thank you for your input. J.

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  1. They're both equally mediocre, far as I can tell. Whole Foods' private label tonic is both tastier and cheaper than either. $2.49 for a six-pack, which in my house makes 12 drinks.

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      I used to pick up a six pack of 8 oz cans of Hansen's Tonic Water at Trader Joe's but it's gone. I preferred it to the Schweppes. Hate Canada Dry. I'll look for the WF brand. Is it 365? Does it come in cans or bottles? thanks in advance- it supposed to finally be G + T weather next weekend.

    2. I'm not going to get into the debate about which Tonic water is the best. (if i did, though i'd say Schweppes is easily superior to CD if you are comparing those 2 only )
      That has been debated ad-nauseum on this board, but my neighborhood HEB (in Austin) sells Schweppes. Often, the Schweppes has been sold out and all they had was Canada Dry. Maybe that was the case.
      If Central Market doesn't carry what you like, though, tell them about it. They are pretty accommodating.

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        I've had a higher incidence of DOA bottles of Canada Dry that were flat after opening. I'd take Schweppes based on that. But then the Whole Foods 365 is even better.

      2. If it's Central Market in Shoreline you're talking about, they do in fact sell Schwepps Tonic water -- by the large bottle and six pack of small bottles. I tried to get some this past weekend and was told they got shorted on their shipment this weekend and were out until the next truck comes in Tuesday. Scored a six pack at Freddy's instead (Fred Meyer on 185th & Aurora).

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          I think you are talking about Seattle. The OP was talking about Austin, if i'm not mistaken

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            Oops! Now I see this was moved from the Austin board.