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Jun 13, 2009 06:49 AM

Il Casala Cucina Italiano Bar + Grill

Has anyone been to this new restaurant in Belmont? Good food? Good atmosphere? Decent price?

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  1. Very good food. Had the pork appetizer with tuna sauce, the bolognese, and the veal saltimboca. And the fried dough dessert. Smaller portions. Loud atmosphere. Had a godo time. It was packed at 9 on a weeknight. I really enjoyed the food, but I don't see going back often as the atmosphere is not conducive to conversation.

    1. I had the gnocci which was a bit of a miss and the bar tending was VERY amateurish. But they've only been open 2 months so am willing to try again.

      1. The original comment has been removed