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Jun 13, 2009 06:26 AM

looking for non sweet Thai food

My mom and I love Thai food and we come from San Fran where the Thai food is by and large not sweet. here, we cant seem to order a dish that is not loaded with sugar. it doesnt really bother me much, but my mother hates sweets (must be a genetic defect). it seems that many restaurants get lazy, dont want to season with authentic seasonings so that just load it up with sugar and it satisfies the American taste buds. so i would love to find a Thai restaurant, or even a singular dish on a menu that has a delicious non sweet dish.

I did find a surprise at the burlington mall, there is a new thai restaurant there that is actually pretty good. i've only tried their chicken and beef curry, but i have to say it is darn good (albeit a bit sweet!)

and has anybody found decent pad thai anywhere. i know that brown sugar had a decent pad thai, but havent been there in a while.

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  1. S&I Thai, no question. 3-layer crispy pork, som tum (with optional preserved crab shards), chicken or catfish laab. No sugar there. They also make the best fried rice dishes I have ever had- the perfect balance of stickiness, saltiness and wok flavor.

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      where is it please? S&I Thai? I find Rod Dee not overly sweet though you do need to watch what you order.

        1. re: teezeetoo

          168 Brighton Ave
          Ste A
          (between Harvard Ave & Parkvale Ave)
          Allston, MA 02134
          (617) 254-8488

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            Absolutely, S&I Thai.

            Also Phad Thai near the Berklee School, but only if you order from the Thai menu (if you point they'll translate!)

      1. i have the same issue with most thai food i've tried here in boston (perhaps i suffer from the same genetic defect as your mother). IMO, the best solution is to check out cambodian restaurants (e.g., Floating Rock in revere). you can find many similar flavors and even dishes and, owing to a large khmer community, much fewer shortcuts taken in the preparation of the food.

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          thank you Luther, Mikhail, Almansa - I'll surprise mom when she gets back from california this tuesday with a non sweet treat! by the way, good fried rice is hard to find out here as is good pad thai. i have been so spoiled in san fran. . . "dont miss the water till the well runs dry ...."

        2. I have found Lemon Thai to be a very reliable restaurant, and I really like their "country pad thai" -- I don't find it sweet at all. There is a small space to eat-in but most people seem to take out. I have done both and found the service to be friendly as well.

          Lemon Thai Cuisine
          215 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

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            hmm. i think i know where lemon thai is - near somerville hospital. next time i'm in that area, i'll give it a try, especially their country pad thai. thx

          2. I don't know where you're based, but if you go up to Burlington, Wakefield might be in your area. I'm a huge fan of the Duck Walk in Wakefield Center. It's a sit-down, slightly higher end type of place than, say, Lemon Thai or Rod Dee. Their tamarind duck does have a hint of sweetness but I think it's from the tamarind. I love their drunken noodle as well.

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            1. re: Parsnipity

              i live in woburn but frequent cambridge, somerville, and boston. just getting to know the woburn area. dont know wakefield at all, but i know its close by. thx for the rec for the duck walk. i'm not a big fan of duck itself, but can you recommend any other dishes? i love fish, spicy food, good pad thai, curries . .. i'm getting hungry

              1. re: craveyummyfood

                Well, their drunken noodle is the standard by which I judge all other drunken noodle and I get it every time I'm there. I have yet to find another one in the area that I like as well. I like their golden bags appetizer- fried tofu stuffed with shrimp. They have a pick-your-own curry section- I'm partial to the green curry with chicken or shrimp. I'm guessing that area of the menu is not terribly "authentic" thai, but it's delicious. The other really interesting side note about the Duck Walk is that they have like a 50 page long wine list, with bottles all the way up into the near-1000 dollar range. I've never asked why they have such a wine list, but it's a nice bonus for some people and not very common in a Thai restaurant.