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best breakfast near woburn

I'm looking for a good breakfast place with light fluffy pancakes, soft eggs, good sausage.

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  1. Me too. There is a dearth of breakfast spots in this general area. If you're willing to go into Arlington, Bagels R Us on Mass Ave has a good breakfast, though pricier than I'm used to. The salmon Benedict is yummy, and they have chourizo as well as regular breakfast sausage. Pancakes were pretty standard. They also serve H&H bagels which are delicous.

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        Sure are. I moved to Lexington a year ago from Worcester, which is officially breakfast nirvana. I'd consider opening a diner in this area if the rents weren't so ridiculous. We've tried driving into Watertown because we heard the Andros Diner was good, but just didn't enjoy it.

        Doesn't fit the pancakes/eggs/sausage bill, but the Dim Sum at China Pearl in Woburn is quite good.

    1. While not exactly close (it's 15 miles away, but only about 20 minutes because it's mostly highway miles), Joseph's Two, on Main Street in Waltham, serves a very good, and cheap, greasy spoon breakfast.

      1. While I wouldn't go so far as to call it "good", the BellyBuster Diner in Billerica is an experience. Lots of local color and okay breakfasts.

        Take 128S to 3A Burlington (Cambridge St). Go straight through to Billerica and continue past KMart (the strip mall before it has the much lauded Sichuan Gourmet), Town Center, Town Hall, Rt 129 and then start looking on your left for a strip mall called Brown's Corner.

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          I would highly recommend The Waffle House on 138 in Tewksbury but it is probably 25 minutes away from Woburn. The menu, food and service are great. There can be long lines on the weekends but there are benches in the hallway waiting area and an urn of cofffee. It's very close to 495.

        2. In Woburn (and Burlington) Bickford's; Woburn: South End Cafe; The Restaurant

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            Is the Bickford's in Burlington any good for breakfast? We tried it for dinner one night and it was horrible.

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              i went to bickford's in boston near south bay mall off exit 18 (from 93) and my goodness it was the absolute worse breakfast i have ever eaten in my life. i vowed never to go to another bickfords but as fate would have it. a group was gathering at bickfords for a celebration so i did go back. this time, it was still bad but not horrible. i was at least pleasantly surprised that they had grits - not an easy to find item. i like grits cooked somewhat thick, with butter, salt and pepper. anyway, i certainly do not recommend bickfords unless you have not other choices available

          2. Jimmy's Family Restaurant in Burlington; Swanton Diner in Winchester

            1. Drive up 128 a few exits to Wakefield and go to Brother's. Great breakfast and cheap.

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                thanks for the other recs, i'll give them a try

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                  Second for Brothers in Wakefield. Anything, any way, good, hot, and cheap.

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                    If you're going to go that-a-ways, keep heading south on Main Street and in the Greenwood area is Blue Moon Grill- lovely eggs bennie, and even crepes.

                    My standby is Cappa's Trackside on Grove Street in Melrose. I've never been disappointed with the pancakes and eggs there. it's about 10 minutes from 93.

                  2. I would suggest the Swanton St. Diner on, you guessed it, Swanton St. in Winchester. Very close to Woburn. This place does a very good breakfast business, especially on the weekends. It is a nice place with good service and very good food. After breakfast walk directly across the street to Mamdou's Bakery and pick up a loaf or two of some of his great breads. This place opened about a year ago and produces a variety of wonderful artisanal breads daily.