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Jun 13, 2009 05:39 AM

6 Pound Lobsters $4.75/lb.

They keep getting cheaper. Hard shell from Nova Scotia. They steam them for free. They will pack them in ice for free. Bring your cooler and take them away.

How is this possible? Has the economy of lobster men taken a big hit? Any one in the trade have an explanation. I do not ever remember prices this low.

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  1. I wonder if the fact that Canada is struggling to get on board with the program of not harvesting breeders this size has had an impact as well as the economy.
    We had Canadian lobsters here last week at $5.99# for 1.25 pounders.

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    1. re: Fritter

      What part of the country are you in?

    2. I think I read somewhere that there is a surplus because demand is down as a result of the economy. At this price, hard to resist.

      1. What area code for this guy and are 6lb lobsters any good? Is this NY? Isn't the addage not neccessarily is bigger better? I think the biggest I had along time ago was 3 lbs and it was good not as sweet as a bit smaller, so tell me what you think and what else is good?

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        1. re: nbermas

          Sweetness is not a matter of size, but of season and growth stage. Late season lobsters are less sweet, because the water is NY waters, this is already around July, in Maine, August, and Canadian lobsters can be good into september. Mid winter lobsters are also lesss sweet...they have been penned up, and are not growing. Lobsters that have recently spawned are less sweet, overgrown lobsters that are a few days from shedding and have already created a new undershell are also less sweet. Probably the sweetest lobsters, regardless of size, are spring lobsters that have recently molted, but have fully hardened their shell, not yet spawned (if female), and have been very recently been caught. All things being equal, I'd say females can be a tad sweeter...but last June I had a 7 lb lobster (and almost all large lobsters are male) that was as sweet as could be.....

        2. Phantomdoc, please tell us where in creation this is!

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          1. re: surman

            Plainview NY on Long Island.


            These lobsters are very good. Hard shelled, packed with sweet tender meat. This one was from memorial day weekend. 6 lb. plus about $33

            That is a six inch ruler I put in for scale so you can see how big. Had to put the claws on a bag and crack with a large claw hammer (no pun intended) on concrete driveway. None of my knives made a scratch on the giant claws. The theory that a large lobster is tough has been laid to rest in the last few years of having 7 to 9 lb. tender lobsters.

            Don't forget to bring your cooler. They steam lobster and will pack cooler full of ice. Bring cash, no credit cards but have an ATM on premise.


          2. Just the flavor from the shell (to make lobster bisque) is worth the price of admission. You have to know how to crack the claw shells with a mallet (gently; it's like breaking an eggshell) otherwise the claw shell turns into shrapnel and shards and goes all over the meat.

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            1. re: byrd

              No kung fu or karate master nor even Fonzie from Happy Days could finesse the meat out of these claws. It took brute force to just crack, not shatter this sea monster.

              1. re: phantomdoc

                Bought a 7.5 lb one today. Suspect we'll need a Sawzall to get the claws open, from the looks of them. I think prices are so reasonable in large part because it's a cash only business, which means no fees to cc companies and likely litte taxes paid. And volume, too. Prices that low all week, the man said. I much prefer the taste of the meat from large lobsters to smaller ones. I won't bother with one under 2 lbs.

                1. re: phantomdoc

                  Also bought a 7.5lb one today. Had to take the claws outside and work them over with a 3lb sledge hammer. A couple of sharp blows with no follow through did the triack. Really fine quality lobster.

                  1. re: sbp

                    Glad you are enjoying. Sale price till Friday night. Next Saturday we will see.
                    Post pics if you can.

                    1. re: phantomdoc

                      the meat as much as they do 4 lbers. I thought it was fine, especially the tail, perfect and tender after a 30 minute boil. The best part about lobsters this big is the ease of getting to, and the size of the chunkes of meat between the ribs inside the body. They're hyooge, no sucking required. :-) Making a mess o' stock as I type. A wooden mallet over a towel cracked the Godzilla claws cleanly and with ease.