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Jun 13, 2009 05:28 AM

Anyone have wolfberry recipes?

I was in Chinatown yesterday and bought a bag of beautiful, large wolfberries (aka Goji). I remember reading some recipes in a Chinese cookbook recently but of course I don't remember which one...
The bag says to cook 10 minutes at boiling temperature, presumably to kill anything bad. Aside from making tea, do any 'hounds have a favorite recipe?
Happy Cooking!

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  1. They are great when used in a steamed dish or a 'claypot' dish (braise). Try it on a steamed whole fish or chicken. Also, goji is a nice condiment for congee.

    The flavour of goji is subtle...and it sort of reminds me of sunddried tomato - so I bet you can use it in place of sundried tomato in many recipes (eg...reconstitute, toss it on pasta, swish of olive oil, season and serve).

    1. funny, i just made white fungus soup with goji berries and decided it was too exotic to blog. (soak some white fungus in water, then boil with rock sugar til tender and add goji berries at the end. Eat chilled; very refreshing!) I just eat them as snacks, or put them in granola or trail mix like any dried fruit.

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        PM, Try adding some whole or ground almond (apricot seeds) for an almondly flavour. Another option is to add almond extract into it.

      2. I was buying some wolfberries for tea at the Asian market when a guy asked me what I used them for and I said tea, he looked a little surprised and said he used them for chicken soup. So I got to googling when I got home and found this great site with a few goji soup recipes and a lot of other great Chinese soup recipes.

        They are really tart so I also use them with smoothies and in fruit recipes . I like them with pears, peaches, strawberries (like strwberry rhubarb), or just about anything that could use some tarting up.

        This site also has some good recipes. I like the sea bass and the coconut cream sauce recipes.

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          Pinkest, great site. Woflberries is a prime ingredient in making "Old Fire" Soup. When mixed with other herbs, chicken, pork and other meats it makes a great soups for the Winter season.